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150+ Unpopular Opinions Guaranteed to Cause Offense

You may be surprised to find yourself agreeing with some of what's listed below.

A difference of opinion isn't always pleasant to encounter, but it certainly isn't rare. From maintaining that Ben Affleck seems like a fun guy (he does) to banishing phrases like "brainfart" from your vocabulary (you should), personal preferences remain far and varied. And that only skims the surface. More significant disagreements can dissolve friendships, fracture marriages, and lead to unfortunate political fallouts—but we're keeping it light today. Read on to see which unpopular opinion below resonates with you most!

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153 Unpopular Opinions to Stir Things Up

Skim through the list with friends to find out where you agree—and where you don't. And never hesitate to give your honest opinion, unpopular or not.

Funny Unpopular Opinions

woman using a megaphone to fight with husband
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  1. All purple clothing should be burned.
  2. Running is an enjoyable hobby.
  3. It's not weird to drink pickle juice out of the jar.
  4. Weddings are uniformly dull.
  5. Seltzer companies should rebrand all products as "spicy water."
  6. People who hate cats have an issue with women.
  7. People who deliver food definitely judge their regulars.
  8. Delivering a huge message via text is never a good idea.
  9. People who write with tons of emojis are probably annoying in real life.
  10. You can never have too many forks.
  11. Nobody cares about the dream you had last night.
  12. People who don't wear socks with shoes are poor planners.
  13. Your issues with your boyfriend are really none of my business.
  14. Ben Affleck seems like a good guy.
  15. Picking your nose isn't that gross.
  16. Staying in bed is a worthwhile way to spend the day.
  17. The producers of Love is Blind should be investigated for a violation of ethics.
  18. Allergies are a sign of weakness.
  19. Chapstick is a scam.
  20. People who wake up before dark to exercise are generally unpleasant.
  21. If you stop wearing deodorant, the body will adapt.
  22. Wedding shower; bachelorette party; baby shower—you only get to pick one.

Simple Yet Divisive Opinions

man looking confused after reading some unpopular opinions on his phone
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  1. I'd rather relax in my own space than share a bed with a partner every night.
  2. LinkedIn is the most beneficial social media platform available today.
  3. "I love you" accounts for just a few meaningless words.
  4. Math is one of the most enjoyable subjects in school.
  5. Living in the suburbs is better than living in the city.
  6. Job searching can be fun.
  7. People who work in open office environments get sick more often.
  8. Hot tubs are better than fire pits.
  9. The selective breeding of English Bulldogs is cruel.
  10. Lakes are inferior to oceans.
  11. Singing in the car is more fun than singing along at a concert.
  12. You can't have too many baby showers.
  13. Road trips are better than getting on a plane.
  14. Political correctness is ruining comedy.
  15. Swimming at a city beach is gross.
  16. Apple Music is better than Spotify.
  17. Graveyards are relaxing.
  18. A hug from Mom is better than a kiss from Dad.
  19. Long walks on the beach are actually a terrible first-date activity.
  20. It's a waste of money to go to concerts; just watch music videos instead.
  21. People who claim to hate online bullying are probably guilty of it themselves.
  22. Most online marketing advice only works if you're selling marketing online.
  23. Wild animals should never be placed in captivity.
  24. PCs are better than Macs.
  25. Channel surfing is better than streaming.
  26. Sleeping naked tops even the most comfortable pajamas.
  27. Taylor Swift is the most overrated performer of our time.
  28. Football—not baseball—is truly America's sport.
  29. Using fake plants is an acceptable way to decorate.
  30. Buying stylish baby clothes is a waste of money.
  31. Hozier is one of the most underrated singers around.
  32. People pay too much attention to other people's business.
  33. Train rides are better than car rides.
  34. Anyone who claims to be a morning person is probably just anal-retentive.
  35. Above-ground pools can look just as good as in-ground pools.
  36. Your food preferences say a lot about who you are.
  37. Hot tubs are a breeding ground for bacteria.
  38. The Walking Dead is the best zombie franchise.

Controversial Opinions on Food

different flavor ice cream cones
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  1. Chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla ice cream.
  2. Cheese ruins flavorful dishes.
  3. French fries are better than tater tots.
  4. Eating with your hands is gross.
  5. Ketchup tastes weird.
  6. Cake is hugely overrated.
  7. Brunch food isn't that good.
  8. Hot dogs are better than hamburgers.
  9. Onions taste good raw.
  10. Beer tastes like pee.
  11. Vegans haven't thought things through.
  12. Avocado isn't that good on its own.
  13. Anything that requires a spoon should not be eaten in public.
  14. Mayonnaise is the best condiment out there.
  15. Baby food is still tasty for adults.
  16. Vodka cocktails make more sense with brunch than tequila does.
  17. Olives don't belong on a charcuterie board.
  18. Blueberry pie is better than pumpkin.
  19. "Real" maple syrup tastes absolutely disgusting next to brand-name alternatives.
  20. No one can stand pizza without red sauce.
  21. Dough balls taste better when dipped in chocolate or caramel.
  22. People who hate dumplings are xenophobic.
  23. Mashed foods should not be served at dinner parties.
  24. People drink gin because they think it looks cool, not because they like the taste.
  25. Thanksgiving food is overrated.
  26. All brands of water taste the same.
  27. Most cupcakes have too much frosting and not enough cake.
  28. Onion rings go better with cheeseburgers than fries.
  29. Bacon is gross, the world has just gotten swept up in some insane bacon mania.
  30. Chocolate chip cookies have nothing on sugar cookies.
  31. Mushrooms and onions are one of the most underrated food combinations ever.
  32. Soda fountain Coke tastes different from Coke that comes in a can.
  33. Dark chocolate digestives are better than milk chocolate digestives.

Unpopular Opinions About Life

English Bulldog in a wedding dress
Shutterstock / WilleeCole Photography
  1. You don't need a college degree to get ahead.
  2. Having different political opinions shouldn't be a deal breaker for a relationship.
  3. It never ends well when high school sweethearts stay together.
  4. Marriage is a patriarchal tool used to rob women of their sexual agency and keep them subservient to men.
  5. Knowing a lot about one specific subject doesn't make you smart.
  6. Wild animals have the right to attack humans if it's within their own environment.
  7. Not every couple should try to have kids.
  8. Social media serves no real purpose.
  9. PDA isn't that annoying.
  10. Schedules are easy to maintain.
  11. It's OK for people to keep secrets from one another when in a relationship.
  12. Nobody really enjoys going to the gym, they just like what it does to their bodies.
  13. Homework doesn't help kids as much as teachers might like to think.
  14. Sleeping naked makes you better at sex.
  15. Redeyes aren't worth the trouble.
  16. It's easy to work your way up from a minimum-wage job.
  17. You cannot influence someone's behavior or make them change.
  18. Cold weather is better than hot weather.
  19. There's no such thing as a man who doesn't cheat.
  20. Virginity actually means something.
  21. High school relationships don't count.
  22. Having a boyfriend shouldn't stop you from looking for a husband.
  23. There's not one billionaire alive that would actually help establish world peace.
  24. People claim to be "nice" so often, but that really isn't up to them to decide.
  25. Making the bed is a pointless chore.
  26. All religions are basically copies of one another; they just use a new name to worship the same god.
  27. Working out outside is better than going to the gym.
  28. It's better to get up early than it is to stay up late.
  29. Dating apps never lead to anything serious.
  30. A good society teaches selfishness because that's what makes our modern world thrive.
  31. You can't buy happiness.
  32. White-collar jobs are just as difficult as blue-collar jobs.

Unpopular Opinions From Reddit

silhouette of man in front of a computer screen wearing headphones
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  1. "Most people are, at heart, stupid, selfish, and irrational creatures who are just one charismatic leader away from fascism."
  2. "Kids are not as amazing as people make them out to be."
  3. "Digitally created art will never be as artistically worthwhile as something created by hand."
  4. "Being a mother/father does not make you as amazing as you think it does."
  5. "Geek culture is one of the shallowest ever."
  6. "America is the greatest country on Earth!"
  7. "Nutrition should be taught from Kindergarten on."
  8. "I prefer mayonnaise on my french fries over ketchup."
  9. "Religions should NOT be tax-free, but should be taxed in accordance with the entertainment industry taxes."
  10. "Circumcision isn't a horrible, barbaric procedure to do to a baby boy."
  11. "Pirates are lame. Ninjas, not as much, but still stale."
  12. "Video games are worse than drugs when it comes to distracting and demotivating people from doing something with their life."
  13. "NYC is not the be-all and end-all of arts and culture."
  14. "I love country music."
  15. "I enjoy Twitter because it's a great source for breaking news and work-related articles."
  16. "I hate it when people refer to the people in the army as 'our boys'. It sounds so pretentiously patriotic."
  17. "Abortions should be free and available to anyone who wants them at any time."
  18. "People should not state their gender unless it's relevant or absolutely necessary."
  19. "AC/DC is an extremely overrated band."
  20. "Childbirth should require a license."
  21. "It's possible to dislike Floyd, the Beatles, the Stones, the Doors, Zeppelin, etc. without being a 15-year-old uninformed, iconoclastic brat."
  22. "Meritocracy is a good idea no matter how elitist it may seem."
  23. "Humans are not equal; but that does not mean we should not treat them unequally, just rejoice in the differences."
  24. "Reddit is a big circlejerk."
  25. "[Sex work] should be legalized for the safety of the [sex workers]."
  26. "Being greasy and salty does not automatically make food delicious.
  27. "It's okay not to have a credit card."
  28. "Mitch Hedberg isn't really that funny."

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Controversial Topics You Might Want to Avoid

Whether you're gearing up to meet someone new or prepping for a holiday encounter, there are certain topics that are best to avoid. You can find a few listed below.

  • Climate Change
  • Marriage Equality
  • Capital Punishment
  • Marijuana Legalization
  • Abortion
  • Vaccines
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Cancel Culture
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Student Debt Forgiveness
  • Electoral College
  • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • The Trump Presidency
  • Evolution
  • Immigration Reform
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Transgender Rights
  • Free-Market Capitalism
  • Gun Control
  • The Federal Minimum Wage
  • White Supremacy
  • The Opioid Crisis
  • Affirmative Action
  • Police Brutality
  • Reparations
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Censorship and Freedom of Speech
  • Atheism

What's Another Way to Say "Unpopular Opinion"?

While most of us are familiar with the phrase, there are other—and perhaps more colloquial—ways to introduce unpopular opinions. We've listed a few alternatives below.

  • Controversial Opinion
  • Obnoxious Opinion
  • Hot Take
  • Unpopular Belief
  • Rare Opinion
  • Unpopular View
  • Sensational Reaction

Wrapping Up

That's it for unpopular opinions! Be sure to check back with us soon for more entertaining lists to share with friends. You can also sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out.

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