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America's Most Unique Hotels for an Unforgettable Stay

These hotels and inns are some of the quirkiest (and most luxurious) destinations in the U.S.

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When you're planning a vacation, the choice of destination generally trumps where you're going to stay. But after you've figured out where you're headed, finding the right accommodations can be nearly as important. Sure, there are reliable chain hotels, but what if you want something a little more interesting? The U.S. is home to several unique hotels, whether you want to stay in a themed bungalow or spend your time at a quirky bed and breakfast. Some are so out there, you might not ever want to leave. Read on for the 10 most interesting hotels where you're guaranteed an unforgettable stay.

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Winivan Farm (Morris, Connecticut)

First up on the list is Winivan Farm in Morris, Connecticut. The tagline on the hotel's website is enough to sell you on its uniqueness ("escape to the unexpected"), but its European hospitality and serene location make it that much more enticing.

"One of the most unique hotels in the U.S. is Winvian Farm, a five-star hotel with a spa, nestled in the Litchfield Hills of western Connecticut. I had the pleasure of touring the property last summer, and it is exquisite," Becca Siegel, co-owner at Half Half Travel blog, tells Best Life.

She shares, "The hotel rooms consist of 18 'cottages' that are all distinctly and differently designed, from 'log cabin' and 'golf' to… helicopter. That's right: One of the cottages has a helicopter in the hotel room!"

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Ross Lake Resort (Rockport, Washington)

A fun and unexpected lakeside stay awaits you at Ross Lake Resort, which is open seasonally from mid-June through October.

"Beautifully situated in the North Cascades Mountains, Ross Lake Resort is perfect for travelers looking for something a little more special than the average U.S. hotel," says Bethany McCarter, travel writer and founder of The Travel Fam. "Fifteen floating cabins line the water's edge, each complete with a deck perfect for sipping coffee and enjoying the gorgeous panoramic views of the lake and mountains."

Thanks to its serene setting, the resort has "gone viral" on social media in recent years, but thankfully, "it still maintains a peaceful atmosphere, making it a perfect choice for couples," McCarter assures.

The travel writer says visitors are encouraged to hike to the resort, but they can also take a ferry. Just bear in mind that there is no restaurant on site.

Amangiri (Canyon Point, Utah)

amangiri main pool in canyon point, utah

Become one with the Utah desert at Amangiri resort, which features dazzling views from every hotel room. It's a favorite spot among celebrities, and it's not hard to see why.

"This minimalist and highly chic resort in Canyon Point, Utah, has literally always been an A-list getaway since it opened in 1998," the TikTok account Hotel Savings Club reveals. "This resort blends into the untouched Red Rock Country and has over 900 acres of vast, majestic plateau."

The amenities make it even more unique. You can go for a swim in the luxurious outdoor pool or revel in the five-star services offered in the restaurant or spa—just a short walk from your room. Even better, book a hot-air balloon ride for the best views of the desert sunrise over the resort.

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The Madonna Inn (San Luis Obispo, California)

For an unforgettable—and colorful—stay, you have to see the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California. The spot was named after its founders, Alex and Phyllis Madonna, and offers 110 individually-themed rooms and four restaurants, including the famed Gold Rush Steak House.

TikToker @aprettycoolhoteltour called the Madonna Inn "America's favorite kitschy hotel" and a "visual wonderland" in an Aug. 2023 TikTok video.

The design is truly what sets this hotel apart. The Madonnas struggled to find an architect to bring Alex's "unconventional vision to life," prompting him to lay out the rooms himself. Some of the more memorable rooms include Caveman, Fox & Hound, Sky Room, and Yahoo—they have to be seen to be believed.

"He incorporated massive boulders into his designs so that many of these rooms feel like beautiful grottos," @aprettycoolhoteltour says in the video.

Phyllis took the lead on decorating and is "responsible for the over-the-top, completely colorful, and wildly kitschy interiors that the hotel is famous for today," the TikToker explains. Hope you like pink!

The Mohicans Treehouse Resort and Wedding Venue (Glenmont, Ohio)

el castillo at mohicans treehouse resort
Chris McLelland @ Mohican Media

If you've always dreamed of living or staying in a treehouse, you can do just that at the The Mohicans Treehouse Resort.

"The resort offers nine different treehouses to stay in. The little kid in me, that never got the treehouse that I dreamed of, is giddy with excitement over this place," a TikToker named Melanie, who runs the travel recommendation account Come Get Away With Me (@comegetawaywithme), says in a January video. "The treehouses have a rustic vibe and are completely surrounded by trees. You really do feel like you are sleeping in a treehouse in the middle of the woods—because you are."

However, you don't need to worry too much about braving the elements, as Melanie points out that the treehouses have both AC and heat.

"If I was booking this property for a romantic getaway, I would select the coolest treehouse on property, which has to be The Silver Bullet," Melanie continues. "This is an actual camper lifted up above the trees and transformed into the most unique treehouse I've ever seen."

For families, Melanie says she'd book the El Castillo treehouse, which is two stories and looks like a castle.

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Oheka Castle (Huntington, New York)

oheka castle in new york
Alex Musin / Shutterstock

You can feel like you've escaped to a French château (without pulling out your passport) when booking a stay at Oheka Castle. The 443-acre property is just an hour from Manhattan, and nestled in Cold Spring Harbor.

"If you have ever dreamt of staying in a castle, you'll want to add Oheka Castle to the top of your list. Located on Long Island's Gold Coast, this hotel is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a member of Historic Hotels of America and Historic Hotels Worldwide," Samantha Oppenheimer, full-time travel blogger and founder of Find Love & Travel, tells Best Life.

Oppenheimer recommends taking a mansion tour and spending time in the gardens—and don't be too surprised if it feels familiar.

"This property has been the backdrop in music videos, movies, and commercials, so you may even recognize it!" she says.

Zion Wildflower Resort (Virgin, Utah)

You can find another themed spot—the Zion Wildflower Resort—in Zion National Park in Utah. The glamping destination offers different camping options, but you won't be pitching your own tent here.

"It features glamping tents and private bungalows, but we stayed in the coolest accommodations that they offer: luxury covered wagons," TikToker Melanie says in an Aug. 2023 video. "This hotel made my little eight-year-old [Oregon Trail-loving] heart happy. It was such a cool experience."

You'll also find a spot for a campfire, luxe picnic setups, a playground, and a pool, Melanie says.

"Must-visit resort," she gushes.

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The Biltmore Estate (Asheville, North Carolina)

biltmore estate asheville nc privately owned landmarks
ZakZeinert / Shutterstock

The famous Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, is easily one of the most unique hotels in the country. The estate, which was built for George Washington Vanderbilt II in the late 1800s, offers three different properties for guests to choose from. Interestingly enough, it's actually the largest private property in the country, Oppenheimer points out.

"While you can't stay in the luxurious [Biltmore] home itself, you can stay at the inn, which is located on the property and has full access to the 8,000 acres of gardens and home throughout your stay, making this property quite unique," she says. "This four-star hotel is designed with Biltmore in mind and offers elegant touches throughout. Of course, you will also enjoy wonderful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains."

Oppenheimer recommends enjoying the onsite winery, hiking trails, horseback riding, dining, shopping, and seasonal workshops.

"Off the property, you have the Blue Ridge Parkway, known as America's favorite drive," she adds.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge (Parthenon, Arkansas)

beckham creek cave lodge bedroom

You'll truly be a cave dweller if you book at stay at Beckham Creek Cave Lodge in Parthenon, Arkansas. The "living cavern" is situated in the Ozarks and "unlike any other place on earth," the hotel's website reads.

Visitors agree that it's a one-of-a-kind experience.

"What a unique adventure! Our group of eleven adults and five children enjoyed the entire experience. It's amazing how they have blended a live cave into unique, comfortable rooms," a May 2024 review on TripAdvisor reads. "We could not have asked for better service. Be sure and read the entire website before you visit so you are prepared. Incredible experience!"

Still not convinced? The natural cave lodge was also featured in the "Bizarre B&B's" episode of Netflix's The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals.

Hotel Zena (Washington, D.C.)

If you're looking for a more unique option in a city, check out Hotel Zena in our nation's capital.

"Hotel Zena is a four-star hotel located on Thomas Circle in D.C. (a short walk up from the McPherson Square metro station) and is super central, surrounded by some of the city's best restaurants and shopping," says Samantha Linnett, travel planner and blogger of Discover with Sam.

However, what sets this spot apart is its theme.

"What makes it truly unique is its theme: feminism celebrating the history and courage of women. The hotel identifies as 'part art gallery,' and it's easy to see why," Linnett shares. "There's a massive mural by local artist MISS CHELOVE on the building that represents female strength."

She also points to the art throughout the hotel, which features "women artists celebrating women."

"The most famous/popular [works] are the hand-painted tampon installation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, created by Andrea Sheehan x Julie Coyle Art Associates, and a feminist pin wall in the lobby that you can add to," Linnett says.

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