This Is Officially the Coldest Place on Earth

You think your town's cold? Thank your lucky stars you don't live in Siberia.

It's still only January, but it's been a pretty bone-chilling winter in North America so far. It's been so cold that fountains have been turned into icy statues, barges have gotten stuck in lakes transformed into skating rinks, and iguanas have been falling paralyzed out of Floridian trees.

Last Saturday, in fact, The Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire took the title of second coldest place on Earth with a temperature of -36 degrees Fahrenheit (-37.7 degrees Celsius), and a wind chill of a mind-boggling -94 degrees Fahrenheit (-70 C degrees Celsius).

"I really did take pictures of the ballerina outside in minus 41, it is not Photoshopped," he said. "It was my idea, actually it is my project, to photograph ballerinas on the city streets." And if you're feeling the chill this year—as so many people are—don't miss the 12 Genius Ways to Stay Warm This Winter. 

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Diana Bruk
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