17 Things Women Do With Their Friends That They'd Never Do With Their Husbands

Need a rom-com marathon? You know who to call.

No matter how much you love spending time with your husband, there are a few activities that are better suited for girl's night. Going to a boy band concert? Your pals will know more of the songs. Gossiping about everyone from high school? Your friends will have more of the deets (and they'll be juicier, too).

Through thick and thin, and possibly even before your husband came onto the scene, your friends have been there for you—and so it's only natural that there are a few activities that you only do with them. Ahead, we've rounded up the things women do with their friends that they'd never do with their husbands.

Take "candid" photos for social media.

woman taking candid photo of her friend things women do with their friends

Of course, your husband would take these photos for you if you asked, but your friends will do it better. After all, they know exactly which side of your face is more photogenic and will never get tired of trying a million angles. The only thing your husband needs to do is hit "like."

Go to boy band concerts.

female friends at a concert things women do with their friends

Even if your husband is willing to go to an *NSYNC concert, he probably isn't willing to scream-sing the words to every song. That's why, for this activity, you're better off bringing your female partner-in-crime (preferably the one with the loudest and proudest singing voice).

Watch chick flicks.

Two Black Women on Couch watching a movie

What's a Sex and the City marathon without hilarious commentary from your best friend? On those days when chick flicks and chocolates are calling your name, you're way more likely to hit up your friends and take over the living room than you are to ask your husband for his opinion about Mr. Big, again.

Cyber-stalk their exes.

Two senior ladies in shopping. Resting, talking, laughing browsing mobile phone. Belgrade, Serbia, Europe

Your BFFs have been with you through countless relationships, and are probably just as curious about the status of that ex from 10 years ago as you are. Your husband, on the other hand? He'll take a pass on this one.

Talk about in-laws.

Older women smiling

Frustrated by your father-in-law's constant screaming at the television during football season? It's probably best you keep that thought between you and your bestie—and fortunately, you know she's all ears.

Eat a ton of snacks.

friends eating pizza together things women do with their friends

Sure, you and your husband love to eat together. But is he as excited to try the newest unicorn cupcake at your local bakery as your best friend? Probably not.

Go to the spa.

female friends at the spa things women do with their friends

There are romantic spas and then there are best-friend spas—and here, we're talking about the latter. At the best-friend spa, you'll spend hours getting your nails done, lounging in the sauna, and debating the merits of each type of facial on the menu.


women talking in an outdoor courtyard, working mom
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On occasion, your husband will participate in low-level gossip about your noisy new neighbors or a mutual friend. But truth be told, he never dishes the same level of dirt as your best friend. Time to call her up for the latest scoop, stat.

Spend a lot of money on clothes.

Middle Aged Women Shopping

Shopping sprees vex your husband for a number of reasons. First of all, he'll probably spend half the trip asking why you need another pair of shoes. And second, he probably isn't too keen on the idea of shopping till he drops—and is more likely to drop after the first BOGO sale than your girlfriends, who are seasoned pros.

Groom each other.

friends tweezing eyebrows things women do with their friends

When is the last time you asked your husband to remove those pesky hairs on your upper lip? Yeah, that's what we thought. In his eyes, you're always perfectly groomed—thanks in large part to the handiwork of your best friend.

Handle sensitive health matters.

Older women on Bench

Your best friend has always been—and always will be—on call to check any unidentifiable mole, pimple, or lump. And if you need to go to the doctor to get a professional opinion, you can bet she'll be right there with you.

Talk about beauty routines.

female friends talking and laughing things women do with their friends

Need advice on which exfoliating routine will help minimize your pores? We're guessing your friends will have better insight than your hubs.

Go to Zumba.


Though your husband might be game to try a new workout class or two, he might draw the line at Zumba. So, if you really want to try it out, bring your best friend for moral support. Even if you're terrible at it, you'll have someone to giggle with while you give it a whirl.

Discuss their relationship in detail.

Diverse Group of Female Friends

When you need to vent about your husband's most annoying habits (seriously, does he even know how a toilet seat works?!), chances are you won't take those complaints straight to the source. Venting sessions are most therapeutic when they're conducted by your closest friends.

Go to book club.

Older Women at Book Club

While your husband might still be unclear about what actually happens at book club, he definitely knows he's probably not invited—there just aren't enough bottles of wine or copies of the latest Danielle Steele novel to go around.

Get haircuts.

friends getting haircut in hair salon things women do with their friends

The hair salon is your sanctuary and the friend who sits with you there is your spiritual guide. Plus, she offers expert advice on which styles you should try and which you should avoid at all costs.

Go dancing.

girls clubbing things women do with their friends

No matter how old you are, you reserve the right to grab your girl gang and head out for a night on the town. Unlike your husband, your ladies would never groan at the idea of dancing until they drop. And for more hilarious things that women do with their friends, check out these 17 Things All Women Do With Their Friends That They'd Never Admit To.

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