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5 Texting Habits That Prove They're Attracted to You, Dating Coach Says

The messages they send could be a key indication of attraction.

In an ideal world, potential partners would simply tell us when they find us attractive. But this is often difficult for people, whether it's because their nerves get the best of them or they think it's too early in the relationship to share it. That's where texting comes in. Experts say a person's texting habits can reveal a lot about how attracted they are to you. Keep reading to understand what you should be looking for in their messages.

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They send "good morning" and "good night" messages.

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In a TikTok video, relationship and dating coach Jacob Lucas says that when someone is attracted to you, they'll very often send a text to say "good morning" or "good night."

This means they're thinking about you as soon as they wake up and just before they end their day.

However, Jackie Golob, a sex therapist and founder of Shameless Therapy & Consulting Services, says you shouldn't worry if they don't always send these texts since they could be out with friends or their phone may have died. "Just be mindful of that and don't let this one go to your head," she advises.

They reply quickly and keep the conversation going.

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Another clue that they're attracted to you is that they reply quickly.

"If they're not busy, they aren't going to leave you on read for three hours. They're going to reply like that," Lucas says while snapping his fingers.

And they'll also be thoughtful in their responses as a way to keep the conversation going. "So, for example, they're not going to send you one-word replies, and they're going to ask you a lot of questions," says Lucas.

If their texting habits are reliable, it's a good sign for any dates or plans you may make down the road.

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They compliment you.

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Deborah Gilman, PhD, owner, and chief licensed psychologist at Fox Chapel Psychological Services, says that when someone compliments you over text, it can indicate attraction.

This is not limited to compliments on your physical appearance; they may say how funny you are, how impressed they are with your knowledge on a certain subject, or how kind you are—all attractive qualities.

If the attraction is mutual, relationship coach and therapist Susan Trotter, PhD, says, "It helps for you to notice and respond in kind."

They flirt with you through emojis.

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Similar to sending you a compliment, Trotter says that a sure sign of attraction is when someone sends you a flirty emoji, "like a heart emoji or the face emoji with two hearts for the eyes."

"A heart, a sunrise with a good morning, or smile faces shows that person is taking the extra couple of seconds to show that they care about you and are attracted to you," adds Golob.

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They plan for the next time they can see you.

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If someone's attracted to you, they're likely going to plan the next time they can see you. "The desire to see you in person rather than keep texting should be taken as a serious indicator of attraction," says Sal Damiata, dating and relationship coach and founder of Attractiontruth.

Making light-hearted plans suggests that they want to see more of you without piling on too much pressure, notes Gilman. "It leaves room for the recipient to respond and express interest if they'd like to pursue the idea further," she explains.

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