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23 Signs Your Partner Is Taking You for Granted

Sometimes, a "thank you" would be nice...

It's a total drag to feel like you're taken for granted. Unfortunately, this happens all too often—especially in relationships. One partner just naturally starts to overlook what the other contributes. "It's easy to ignore how someone else influences your character and overall success," says Samantha Morrison, a health and wellness expert at Glacier Wellness. "But it's an incredibly dishonest and foolish thing to do."

With that in mind, here are the likely signs your partner is taking you—and all you do for them—for granted. Though it's not exactly hard science, these expert clues are a perfect set of jumping-off points for some introspection on your partnership. If any (or all!) strike a familiar chord, it may be time for a serious chat.

1. They Don't Seek Your Advice

"It's natural to seek advice from those who you love and appreciate," says Morrison. Someone who recognizes your true importance in their life will be sure to seek your input before making any major decisions. Failing to do so is a sign that person has begun overlooking your influence, thereby taking you and your perspective for granted.

2. They Stop Grooming

"Sure, the honeymoon might be over," says Dr. Caroline Madden, a relationship therapist and author of After A Good Man Cheats, but that's no excuse to ignore the physical component of your relationship. "If your spouse gets lazy in the grooming department but still expects sex, you are being taken for granted," she explains. Remind them that it's 'til death not 'til you look like death.

3. They Only Text When They Want Something

If your partner is only texting you sporadically—particularly when they want something—it's a sign you're being taken for granted, says Holly Shaftel, a dating coach for women in STEM. While this might be an appropriate method of communication for more casual relationships, it's wholly inappropriate for a committed one. More akin to a booty call, the messenger is expecting you to respond on their time, not taking into account your own.

4. They Put Their Work Before You

If your partner is "more committed to their job than to their relationship with you," you're being taken you granted, says Shaftel. While a relationship can't always take precedence over the demands of the workforce, they should at least be trying to balance the two. Once you've become "more like the 'side hustle,'" it's time to reevaluate the current arrangement.

5. They Stop Keeping Promises

"If your partner always promises things and never follows through," you're being taken for granted, says Emily Mendez, a former psychotherapist and mental health writer. The fact is, people keep their word when dealing with others whom they value and respect. As soon as someone shows a willingness to diverge from promises made, it's a sign they've ceased to value you correctly.

6. They Skip The Pleasantries

If a partner's first question after "Hello" is "What are you cooking tonight?" you're being taken for granted, says Carol Gee, author of The Venus Chronicles: Musings From The Feminine Side. While a long-term relationship does foster a more to-the-point style of discussion, that's no excuse to treat the other person as simply a means to an end—in this case, dinner. Though you've both assumed specific roles within the relationship—and thus have certain expectations to meet—you don't cease to be full human beings deserving of some sort of conversational pretense before getting down to business.

7. They Cut Conversations Short

"If they walk away or have to get off the phone quickly when you're talking to them," they're taking you for granted, says relationship coach Kate Romero. When someone truly values the other person's feelings, they make sure not to continually cut conversations short, leaving the other feeling unwanted. At the very least, they would call back later to finish up the talk.

8. They Put Their Friends Ahead Of You

"If he puts his 'bros' before you," for example, he's taking you for granted, says Shaftel. As important as friends are, most understand that relationships often come first—at least while you're in them. The fact is, friends will always be there no matter what, so if a partner begins valuing their friends' needs over yours, it means they believe you are also certain to stay put—and thus no longer require the attention you deserve.

9. They No Longer Want Intimacy

"Sure, relationships go through their dry patches, but if you are feeling like you have to beg for it, you are being taken for granted," says Dr. Madden. It's a sign your partner believes that you would never leave or cheat on them. And however true that may be, that's a clear-cut sign they don't value your needs.

10. They Don't Listen When You Share

"If they stop listening when you share your deepest feelings," you're being taken for granted, says Romero. After all, it's only in a committed relationship that one gets to hear such inner thoughts. There's simply no excuse to be so inattentive.

11. They Haven't Introduced You To Their Family

If your partner still hasn't introduced you to their family after an extended period of being together, they're likely taking you for granted, says Shaftel. It's a direct message that you're "side entertainment and not 'the one,'" she explains. If you were, their mother would be clamoring for a meet-and-greet, and they'd be more than happy to oblige.

12. They Take Advantage Of Your Free Time

"If your partner knows your schedule and starts scheduling repairs, deliveries, appointments etc. during your 'free time', chances are they are taking you for granted," says Robin Hudson, founder of the Women Over 50 Thrive blog. After all, free time is a precious, limited commodity, and household errands should be split evenly amongst the two of you. If your partner begins piling it all on your time, it's a sign they've ceased giving your desires the credence they deserve. And if you need to spice housework up a bit, here are 20 Genius Ways to Make Chores More Fun.

13. They Show Up Late

"If you partner shows up late or bows out of things that are important to you," they're likely taking you for granted, says Romero. While nobody is punctual all the time, they should be making a concerted effort to be there, especially if it's something you truly care about. If they begin a pattern of doing otherwise, they're prioritizing—and valuing—themselves over the needs of the relationship.

14. They Get More Than They Give

"If you give and you give and you give, and you get, like, a morsel of love back," chances are you're being taken for granted, says Shaftel. A relationship is a two-way street, so even if you both have different ways of showing affection, the efforts behind them should eventually balance out. If instead you give and they receive, it's a sign they're "selfish and emotionally unavailable," and taking your love for granted.

15. They Don't Say "Thank You"

"If they forget to say thank you for things they used to appreciate," they're taking you for granted, says Romero. While it might seem like a small thing, a simple "thank you" actually goes a long way towards making selfless actions feel worthwhile. Even if it's the umpteenth time you've done something for them, they should still acknowledge your kindness verbally. You've gone out of your way, after all, so why can't they? And for even more benefits of gratitude, here's why Saying "Thanks" Will Boost Your Mood By 25 Percent.

16. They Don't Actively Listen To Your Needs

Part of being a good partner is anticipating—through careful listening—the needs of your significant other. The fact is, people aren't always able to say exactly what they need, but a discerning partner can usually tell through experience and context clues.

If instead your partner begins requiring blatant signals that your needs aren't being met, it's a sign you've become "kind of an afterthought," says Shaftel. Rather than working diligently to keep the relationship afloat, it shows they've begun to take a backseat, taking for granted the connection and fulfillment you share.

17. They Don't Call When They're Going To Be Late

If your partner doesn't call when they are going to be late, it's a sure sign they are taking you for granted, says Dr. Madden. It's even worse if they don't apologize afterwards. "They are taking liberties with you that they wouldn't with anyone else," she explains. Not only that, "they aren't respecting your time or your feelings."

18. They Expect Too Much from You

"[If your partner] expects you to manage everything because they are too busy," they are taking you for granted, says Romero. The fact is, everyone's busy, and just because you've agreed to share a life together doesn't mean you've agreed to shoulder most of the load. You're in this together, after all, and if they appreciated that, they'd start acting like it.

19. Their Attentiveness Declines

"If they stop being as attentive as they once were early on in the relationship," they're likely taking you for granted, says Romero. While it can be difficult to sustain a level of focus on your partner, the drop-off shouldn't be too drastic. If it is, it's sign they believe they no longer need to woo you, and can instead ignore your desires and focus solely on their own.

20. They Cheat

If your partner cheats, it's a sure sign you are being taken for granted, says Dr. Madden. And if you subsequently stay, "he or she knows that you are willing to put up with anything." Unless you are married or have kids together, then, you may want to consider leaving a relationship in the event of infidelity.

21. They Stop Dressing To Impress

Sure, it's not necessary for your partner to dress to the nines each and every time you go out. Still, it's a sign you're being taken for granted when they don't bother changing out of their sweatpants all Saturday. Just because you've shown you're committed doesn't mean they have license to cease caring about their outward appearance. It takes some effort, yes, but if you're the one, it's well worth it.

22. They Stop Making Sacrifices

Being in a relationship means making sacrifices. You can't both always get what you want, no, but, with a little hard work, you can both end up more satisfied than you'd ever be alone. If your partner seems to lose sight of this—prioritizing all of their needs over yours, and not even opening up to the possibility of compromise—it means they're taking you for granted.

23. You Get Used To Being Disappointed

If you find yourself expecting to be disappointed by your partner, that's a good sign you're being taken you for granted. After all, your own imagination should be able to envision a brighter scenario than disappointment—if it can't, it's likely due to your partner's repeated failure to live up to their word. And for the disappointments that don't go away with time, check out the 20 Biggest Regrets of People Who Married Young.

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