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4 Simple Exercises for a Flat Belly at Any Age

A 55-year-old fitness expert shares her favorite post-menopause ab exercises.

Losing weight can be hard at any stage of life, but many women struggle with the scale more than ever after reaching menopause. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, women steadily gain an average of one-and-a-half pounds per year throughout their 50s, typically resulting in a 15-pound weight gain over that decade alone. The majority of that weight tends to settle around the abdomen, the Clinic notes.

Petra Genco, a 55-year-old fitness expert and content creator, says she's all too familiar with the difficulties women face in trying to stay fit throughout menopause. "The reason you find slimming down so hard is because of our hormone imbalance, slow metabolism, or sore joints," she explained in a TikTok post. "I know the challenges we face because I've been there and I've done it."

That's why Genco recently shared her "flat belly workout," a simple routine she uses as part of a broader plan to help her followers shed 20 pounds in six weeks. "Despite what you're told, you won't need to exercise for hours or need an extreme diet," Genco says. Ready to try her best at-home moves for a flat belly at any age? These are the four simple exercises she recommends.

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Core twist with knee touch

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Genco's flat belly exercise regimen consists of four simple movements that will take you a total of five minutes. She credits the exercises for giving her a toned tummy at home—no heavy weights or exercise equipment required.

The first exercise Genco shares is all about toning your outer abdomen and getting your body moving. Positioning your arms as though they're resting on a shelf at chest level, begin twisting your core back and forth. Then, alternate lifting your knees to meet your arms on every third core twist, and repeat the motion for 60 seconds.

Side lunges with arm exercises

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Next, you'll begin by stepping your legs out into alternating sideways lunges. Once you find that rhythm, it's time to add motion to your arms. Alternate punching downward toward the foot opposite your arm, then reaching upward over your head, creating an elongated line from your hand to your outstretched foot. Do this for 90 seconds before moving on to the third exercise, Genco suggests.

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High march with arm stretches

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The third exercise is the easiest to learn. Simply stand up straight and alternate lifting your knees as though you're marching. Every time you lift a knee, stretch the opposite arm upward and reach for the ceiling. You can do this for 60 seconds as Genco recommends, or for longer for an added challenge.

Knee lifts with a chair

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For this last exercise, you'll need to grab a sturdy chair. Turn it around so that you're facing and holding onto the outer back of the chair. Walk your feet backward so that your body is leaning at a slight angle, and alternate lifting your knees toward the middle of the chair. Repeat this for 90 seconds.

For an even deeper abdominal exercise, turn the chair around and hold it at the seat so that your body is at a lower angle before beginning your movement. Bring your knee as high as you can toward your core before placing it back down and switching sides.

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