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These 2 Former Child Stars From "School of Rock" Are Dating Now

These two former cast members make an adorable pair.

Some child stars continue to act, some even go on to become big names, but many move on to more conventional careers as they grow up, like lawyers or nurses, and we lose track of them. When a movie has a cast full of child actors, you might find yourself wondering what happened to the young stars who spent their early years in front of the camera. Recently, a TikTok user made a very exciting discovery about two child stars in particular: a duo from the beloved 2000s movie School of Rock are now dating. To see which band members linked up later in life, read on.

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Angelo Massagli and Caitlin Hale are dating.


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On May 16, TikTok user marfymae shared a video pointing out that School of Rock child stars Angelo Massagli (security guard Frankie) and Caitlin Hale (backup singer Marta) are dating. (In addition to the 2003 Jack Black movie, Massagli also appeared on The Sopranos as Bobby Bacala Jr. from 2002 to 2007.) The pair recently moved to Brooklyn, New York, and their photos together date back to 2018.

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They have totally different jobs now.


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Before this recent TikTok went viral, fellow cast member Rivkah Reyes, who played guitarist Katie, posted a video in February recapping where the cast is now. They wrote on  TikTok that Hale is a registered nurse and Massagli is a lawyer, and they're dating. According to Hale's Instagram, she's an OB-GYN ultrasound technologist, while Massagli's Instagram bio says that he graduated from the University of Miami Law School in 2019.

The couple seems to be rock solid. On March 2, Hale shared a sweet post thanking Massagli for being by her side through her endometriosis surgery.

The School of Rock cast got together for a reunion in 2019.


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A bunch of the School of Rock cast members got together for a reunion in 2019. Hale shared a photo of seven child stars from the movie squished into a booth in a New York City restaurant. "Seven School of Rockstars walk into a bar…," she wrote under the picture.

Zachary Infante, who played Gordon, the young lighting master, posted a black and white photo of the crew with the caption, "Fifteen years later and our School of Rock family is still together," followed by a heart emoji. "Love to all our fam making moves across the country," he added, giving a shoutout to the former child stars who missed the reunion.

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Some cast members continue to perform, while others have changed professions.


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According to Reyes' TikTok, the other stars from School of Rock have also been busy. Kevin Clark, who played drummer Freddy, is still drumming in a band called Dreadwolf. Aleisha Allen, singer Alicia in the movie, is now a speech pathologist. Brian Falduto, who played Billy, the costume designer for the band, is a country singer-songwriter. As for Reyes, they are an actor, comedian, and writer, with two movies coming out this year.

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