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Scavenger Hunt Clues (With Answers!) for Kids, Adults, and Colleagues

Use these scavenger hunt clues to put together the perfect activity for children or coworkers.

Whether you're looking for a team-bonding experience or a way to keep the kids entertained during a rainy day, scavenger hunts can do it all. The rules are simple: Create a series of clues specific to your home or workspace. See how quickly the group can get through the list (bonus points for incorporating items that you have more than one of; that way, they will have to visit multiple locations before moving on to the next clue). Not only does this all-ages activity encourage cooperation and communication, it also provides a low-budget way to kill time with friends, family, and colleagues. Because crafting these directives can be a bit challenging, we've decided to help you out with the list of scavenger hunt clues below—and be sure to read until the end. In addition to these treasure hunt hints, we've also provided a few tips on how to create your own!

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45 Best Scavenger Hunt Riddles, Rhymes, and Clues

Use the fun riddles below during your next scavenger hunt game!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Clues

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  1. I may look like a snake, but don't worry—I'm filled with water, not venom. (Garden hose)
  2. Rub away, if you must. Let me collect all that dust. Just stomp away, I never hide. I keep the outdoors away from the inside. (Welcome mat)
  3. Here is my handle, and here is my spout. All the plants rejoice when I come out. (Watering can)
  4. Watch where you're walking! They say if you step on a crack, you might break your mother's back. (Sidewalk)
  5. Sometimes we are high above, and sometimes we are down. We are of many colors and form a splendid crown. (Leaves)
  6. Hot dogs and hamburgers galore, put some chicken on me for even more. (Grill)
  7. You ride me wherever you want to go. You can go fast or you can go slow. Wheels and pedals I have two. There's even a cute little basket, too. (Bike)
  8. I can be flat, thin, or round, I come in many colors. Just pick me up from the ground. (Rock)
  9. Sit on me to fly high in the air. Scream and shout, you move without a care. As you come down, push with your feet, and back into the air on your own special seat. (Swing)
  10. When friends come by with news to tell, let them in when you hear this bell. (Doorbell)
  11. Tall and strong, I stay outside. The sun, the rain, they're by my side. I give birds homes and help you breathe. I even give you fruit to eat. (Trees)
  12. This is where the tools live, and what a snake does when it's sick of its skin. (Shed)
  13. I'm a bed without sheets, and I'm always dirty. (Flowerbed)

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Clues for Kids

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  1. I'm in the kitchen, and you'll never eat me, but the dog sure loves to greet me. (Dog food)
  2. I have four legs, but I don't have any feet. You use me when it's time to eat. (Kitchen table)
  3. I make it possible to have fresh food. Everyone agrees I'm one cool dude. (Fridge)
  4. Soft and plump, I'll be right here. Throughout your dreams, you'll keep me near. I'll keep you comfy all through the night, and you'll leave me here in the morning light. (Pillow)
  5. If it's work or if it's play, my features will fill up your day. No, I'm not a book or board game, but I will work just the same. So have a seat and light my screen. I'll show you exactly what I mean. (Computer or laptop)
  6. I have a few drawers and a nice flat top. For homework I'm helpful—keep working. Don't stop. (Desk)
  7. Give me a tap and I'll give you some suds, I come in handy especially when you're covered in mud. (Soap)
  8. Tall and solid, all homes have me. To get me open, you'll need a key. (Front door)
  9. It's my job to give all your clothes a tumble, which I do while making a bit of a rumble. (Clothes dryer)
  10. Feeling cold? Then throw me on before you go. People wear me when the temperature is low. (Jacket)
  11. I usually see you two to three times a day, but I'm also a good spot for homework and play. (Dining room table)
  12. You fill me up and drain when done. Adding bubbles is always fun. (Bathtub)
  13. I take the dirty and soak them until clean, those grass stains and marks will no longer be seen. (Washing machine)
  14. I'll protect you from the rain on a stormy day, but don't forget to put me down, or I'll blow away. (Umbrella)
  15. Turn me on when it's dark at night. My brightness beats out candlelight. (Lamp)
  16. Inside here you will find coats and shoes. Keep me organized so you know whose are whose. (Closet)
  17. I have a drain, and my head's full of water. You use knobs to make me turn colder or hotter. (Shower)

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Hard Scavenger Hunt Clues for Adults

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  1. Fill me up and make me fat, you like me best when I'm like that. But lose track and you will see, you've nearly finished what you put in me. (Wallet)
  2. I start with an "e," and I end with an "e," but I contain only one letter. (Envelope)
  3. It's my job to interrupt your morning sleep, which I do with music, a buzz, or a beep. (Alarm clock)
  4. You say we're pals, that we're best friends. But only until the morning ends. You say I give you fuel for the day. And when we're done, you're gone away. (Coffee)
  5. You sat without looking and now feel like a rube, because the holder has no paper, only a tube. (Toilet paper roll)
  6. I make your dirty garments clean so stains and dirt cannot be seen. (Laundry detergent)
  7. I can bring good news, but I also hold junk. I am creaky and squeaky and close with a clunk. (Mailbox)
  8. I cannot be seen. I can be low or high. I travel through walls and screens. If you lose me, you'll let out a big sigh. (WiFi)
  9. Open me and look what I hide, I have your favorite things inside. (Freezer)
  10. Here I come, and there I go. I take you safely to your place, I have a body but no face. (Car)
  11. Is it ready? One way to know. Pop my lid to let it show. Watch the handle. Might be hot! Off the flame. I'm not a pot. (Pan)
  12. I can't mix batter, but I can bake a cake. (Oven)
  13. I hold your dirt, I am not neat, you will often find me on the street. (Garbage can)
  14. I have a neck but no head, I wear a pretty cap instead. (Bottle)
  15. When the wind blows, I wave to you. Sometimes I am red, white, and blue. (Flag)

How to Write Good Scavenger Hunt Clues for Kids

Though low-budget and easy to execute, treasure hunts take a little planning. Below, we've outlined a few tips on how to put together the perfect set of clues for kids.

Stick to Safe Items

Stick to things that are easy to access and appropriate for kids. Remember, this activity is meant to make your life easier—not more complicated. Set yourself up for success by outlining things that are kid-friendly and parent-approved.

Be Clever With Their Descriptions

Using those creative writing skills will make the game that much more engaging for kids. Again, the clues are a big part of the game. The more ambiguous, the longer it will take them to figure it out. A few clever quips can also attract laughs, which will only reel kids in even further.

Use Rhyming Words

Short, simple, repetitive, and rhyming clues are easy for kids to understand. These types of sounds are especially beneficial for young kids, who are still developing their literacy and communication skills.

Sprinkle in Some Pizazz

Try to think of a few ways to help your scavenger hunt to stand out from the rest. Whether that means bedazzling the physical clues, or decorating each item on the list, it's up to you to decide.

Types of Scavenger Hunts

Indoor Hunt: A scavenger hunt consisting of only household items. To keep things more contained, you can limit the game to a specific area of the house.

Backyard Hunt: A scavenger hunt that takes place in a contained area outside. All clues should refer to items that are regularly kept outside or natural objects.

Photo Treasure Hunt: A spin on the traditional scavenger hunt where all participants must submit their answers in picture form. These games have become increasingly popular as smart technology becomes more popular among (and accessible to) children.

Themed Hunt: A scavenger hunt designed to honor a specific person, place, or concept. Holidays are a particularly popular theme since there are so many items already associated with these celebrations.

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