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See Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's Twins Now in Rare Photos

Sarah Jessica Parker just shared pictures of her children on their first day of school.

Sarah Jessica Parker has been busy filming the upcoming Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, all over New York City. But at home, she's not Carrie Bradshaw; she's the mom of three kids—18-year-old James and 12-year-old twins Tabitha and Loretta—with her husband of 24 years, Matthew Broderick. The couples' kids are all headed into very big school years: the twins are off to seventh grade and the couple's oldest is heading to college. In honor of the milestone, Parker shared rare photos of her children on Instagram. To see what they're up to now, read on!

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Sarah Jessica Parker posted on Instagram about how "different" this year feels.

On Sept. 9, Parker posted a carousel of photos that showed each of her three kids heading off to school. "In the span of seven days. One crosses the threshold into his freshman year of college. The other two into seventh grade. The house is different. We are different," Parker wrote in the caption. "They need us more. And far less. So many know. Gutted at the time passed. Passing. Exhilarated by the possibilities that await them."

In 2018, Parker told People that she and Broderick aren't around as much as they want to be, but that they're sure to have frank conversations with their kids. "Our lives are unpredictable, and we're not always here when we want to be," said Parker. "We can't always do drop-off and pick-up. But I'm proud that our children talk to us in the way they do. I'm glad they're curious people."

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Parker and Broderick's twins go to different schools.

© Sarah Jessica Parker / Instagram

Parker told People in 2018 that the twins go to different schools, which was "Tabitha's idea."

The twins are so rarely photographed that it's hard to know who is who, especially since Parker's pictures are taken from behind. But since Tabitha was most recently photographed with long hair in June, it's possible she's the one in purple in the most recent Instagram post (pictured here).

While Parker doesn't say much about her kids and likes to keep things private—hence their faces not being shown—she did share a photo of a dress Tabitha sewed along with a matching face mask in July 2020 on Instagram. "Tabitha's sewing machine. Up and running. The shingle is out," the proud mom wrote.

The twins showed off their different styles on the first day of school.

© Sarah Jessica Parker / Instagram

This is likely Loretta photographed on her way to school in a denim dress. While it may be challenging to tell the twins apart given the obscured photos, Parker said they're very different people.

"They have different interests," Parker told People. "They're really devoted to each other, but they'll also say, 'I need time away from her.' Tabitha can play by herself for hours. Loretta always needs to be checking in."

As of now, though, none of the Parker-Broderick kids will be following in their parents' footsteps. "All of the children are artistic and love going to the theater, but none has expressed a desire to act," Parade magazine wrote in a 2020 feature on Parker and Broderick.

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James is off to Brown University.

Parker also shared a snap of James heading off to college, a follow-up to her post this summer of his final day of high school. "Into the sunset of his High School career," the actor waxed poetic in the caption. "The period at the end of a long sentence. And all the sunrises and sunsets in his future."

She added how proud she and the rest of the family were of the oldest of the three kids, writing, "We, all of us Parker-Brodericks are proud, weepy and so looking forward to celebrating your coming graduation."

James shared in his Instagram bio that he will be going to Brown University this fall. He hopes to study "ancient civilizations and a bit of creative writing," according to now-private post on the Instagram page for Brown's class of 2025.

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