Grocery Stores, Including Sam's Club, Are Closing Locations, Starting Now

Some smaller family-owned supermarkets are included in the list.

Having a grocery store you can count on nearby can be instrumental in getting your daily errands done in a pinch. But despite how busy they may be or how much your local community relies on them, they're still not immune to the same problems other businesses face. Unfortunately, this means they can sometimes be shut down due to circumstances out of their control. And now, Sam's Club and other grocery stores have announced they're closing locations. Read on to see if the changes will affect your go-to option.

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Sam's Club is permanently closing a location due to severe weather damage.

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A Sam's Club location in Grapevine, Texas, will remain permanently closed, local ABC affiliate WFAA reports. The store at 1701 W State Hwy 114 initially shuttered after it received "extensive damage" when two EF-1 tornadoes touched down in the area on Dec. 13 of last year.

The extreme weather damaged other stores in the area, including a Walmart, Discount Tire, and a local mall, the outlet reports. And while five people reported injuries, none were life-threatening.

Employees were still inside when the tornadoes hit the store, which ripped off portions of the roof. "When air conditioning units are flying through the air, and not one of them landed on a car, a roof, or let alone a person—it's just amazing," Chuck Paschke, a nearby business owner and witness to the storm, told WFAA.

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for Sam's Club told Best Life: "After careful consideration and a thorough damage assessment, we have made the difficult business decision to close our Grapevine, Texas location that incurred extensive damage during the storm last December. This decision aligns with the long-term growth strategy for our company."

A Rainbow Foods store in Alabama is also closing its doors for good.

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Although natural disasters can force some businesses to suddenly shut their doors, some can shut down due to other conditions that are out of their control. That includes a Rainbow Foods grocery store in Smiths Station, Alabama, which will close its doors in the coming weeks, local ABC affiliate WTVM reports.

"It was time to renew the lease and we chose not to because of the inflation and everything," Lynn Shelley, the store's owner, told the news outlet. "Just different stores opening up on us and sales are off, so it wouldn't have been profitable to sign another lease."

Although there are still three other locations of the brand left standing in the local and adjacent counties, some regular shoppers said they were concerned about the change. "This was our only convenience and I don't understand it," Vickie Bentley, a Smiths Station resident, told WTVM.

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Another local grocery store option in West Virginia will close its doors.

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Other small towns will also be losing a critical convenience in the coming weeks. The Save-A-Lot in Wayne, West Virginia, is slated to close its doors within a month, local CBS affiliate WOWK reports.

The location has served the local community since 1999. According to owner Tami Kilgore, the store's parent company sent a 30-day notice on April 8 demanding the removal of any mention of the Save-A-Lot from the premises.

"Over the last few months, we have been working with the operator of the Wayne, West Virginia store to overcome identified operational challenges," the company told WOWK in a statement. "Ultimately, we were unsuccessful and, as a result, have terminated the license at this location."

Kilgore says that her family hopes to open up another grocery store with a different company name—especially as customers voice their concerns. "It's been a lifesaver for us in this area. The only other grocery store we have is on down the road," Kathy Simpkins, a local resident, told WOWK.

A small, locally-owned grocery store in Nebraska also announced it would be closing down.

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Small, independent markets can play an essential role in serving their communities. That's why Ceresco, Nebraska residents are sorry to lose Sweet Pea Grocers, which is closing after 10 years in business, the Lincoln Journal Star reports.

"It is time to move on to our next adventure and open a new chapter in our lives," the store wrote in a Facebook post announcing the closure. "We want to express our thanks and appreciation to our customers and friends. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve the community."

The shop is currently discounting its entire inventory at 20 percent off before closing its doors for good. The town of Ceresco will be left without a dedicated grocery store once Sweet Pea shutters.

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