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There's a Major Samoa Cookie Shortage, Girl Scouts Warn

Customers are already having trouble finding this fan-favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor.

Cookie lovers across the U.S. have learned to stock up on their favorites during the Girl Scout cookie season every year. Local troops may start selling at different times, but the season usually runs from January through April. Now is the time to get those orders in—but this year, you may face problems getting your hands on one of the most beloved flavors. Read on to find out why Girl Scouts are warning that there's a major shortage of Samoas.

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Samoas are one of the most popular Girl Scout cookies.

White tray with 8 varieties of Girl Scout Cookies on a wood table, boxes standing behind plate. Available annually during Girl Scout cookie sales from ABC Bakers

When it comes to Girl Scout cookie season, the search for Samoas is a serious endeavor for many consumers. According to the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) website, Samoas are the second best-selling flavor for the organization—bested only by Thin Mints.

For many cookie fans, however, Samoas have no competition. A recent survey from CNET's staff found that nearly 55 percent ranked Samoas as their favorite Girl Scout cookie, beating out Thin Mints second-place ranking of 27 percent in a landslide.

Social media seems to be in agreement with this stance as well. "Samoas being the best Girl Scout cookie ever the other ones don't even come close lol," one cookie lover tweeted.

Another Twitter user recently wrote, "It's Girl Scout Cookies season and for your annual reminder, Samoas are THE top cookie. Truly upper echelon. Thank you for coming to my talk."

But people are already having a harder time getting their hands on Samoas.

Stack of Girl Scout cookies, caramel delights, also known as Samoas, on a wood table with white background. Available annually during Girl Scout cookie sales.

Samoa devotees may face trouble securing the cookie this year, however. Consumers have already taken to social media to complain about how hard it has become to find this particular flavor.

"Someone at my job shared their child's Girl Scout cookie online order link and the only sold out cookie is Samoas," one Twitter user posted on March 1. "What the heck is even the point now?"

"I can't find any Samoas that are in stock," another user tweeted on March 1.

A different person shared a similar experience on Feb. 27. "Trying to order Girl Scout cookies online and the Samoas are already sold out," they tweeted.

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The cookie's manufacturer is facing supply issues.

A view of Samoas flavor Girl Scouts cookies box.

Samoas are manufactured by Little Brownie Bakers LLC., according to the GCUSA website. In Dec. 2022, the Girl Scouts organization warned ahead of time that the manufacturer was facing ongoing issues.

"As you may have heard from stateside councils and volunteers, Little Brownie Bakers (LBB) is experiencing national supply chain disruptions," the GSUSA wrote in a news release.

The organization reiterated this problem in a Jan. 10 announcement: "Recently, Little Brownie Bakers, one of Girl Scouts' bakers, reported projected inventory shortages for the 2023 season. As a result, the shortage will impact select councils' timing of their local cookie sales."

This is not exactly a new problem, though. Consumers in certain areas found it hard to get Samoas last year thanks to a limited supply.

"Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles (GSGLA) has been informed by Little Brownie Bakers (LBB), our cookie baker, that supply chain and labor shortage issues are affecting their ability to deliver the cookies we've ordered," GSGLA told the Los Angeles Times in Feb. 2022.

At the time, LBB told the newspaper that it was "working diligently to fulfill orders and get cookies into the hands of hard-working Girl Scouts."

Customers will likely find it harder to buy certain flavors online as a result.

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Girl Scout cookies can be ordered online and shipped nationwide through local troops—which is a good way for many consumers to make sure they get the flavors they want. But for high-demand favorites like Samoas, this may be not be an option this year.

As a result of supply chain disruptions, GSUSA warned that digital cookie sales would be impacted, because they are shipped directly from LBB to customers.

The manufacturer delayed nationwide delivery shipping options on the Girl Scouts' Digital Cookie platform to Feb. 27. Prior to this, customers could still order on the digital website, but only for booth pickup, donation, and mobile orders. But as some have now discovered, Samoas are listed as "in-person delivery only" on many troops' online ordering platforms—if they're available at all

"Are Samoas in limited supply this year?" one Twitter user asked on Feb. 28. "I've got links from two Girl Scouts. On one link it says Samoas are only available for in-person delivery (not an option for me). On the other link it's not even available for purchase. Whats going on, Girl Scouts?"

Justin Clemenza, a writer for Barstool Sports, shared a link to a local Girl Scout Cookie online order form on Feb. 27, but warned that supply issues are impacting nationwide shipping of the beloved flavor. "Due to a shortage, Samoas can't be shipped as of today but we're told that will change in the near future," he wrote.

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