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8 Safety Measures You Should Take as Home Invasions Rise

A safety expert offers tips on how to avoid becoming a burglary statistic.

In an age where home invasions are on the rise, safeguarding your sanctuary has never been more crucial. While it's encouraging to note that advancements in home security systems have led to a 62 percent decrease in burglaries since 2012, the unsettling truth remains that over 580,000 homes are still robbed annually, as reported by the FBI.

However, there's no need to live in fear. According to Kirk MacDowell, a seasoned home security expert at Batten Safe, there are proactive steps you can take to ensure you don't become another unsettling statistic. In this article, we'll delve into key safety measures that you should implement to fortify your home against potential intruders. Discover how to protect your loved ones and property by adopting these practical strategies, putting you in control of your home's security and peace of mind.

Make Sure Your Home Looks Lived In

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Is your landscaping overgrown? Does your home look like it is in disrepair from the outside? It could be a target for intruders, says MacDowell. "Cut your shrubs away from your window so your house is seen and looks lived in," he says.

Have Your Mail and Packages Held While You Are Away


If you are going out of town, don't let packages or mail pile up. "Hold or stop your mail at the post office while you are away or on vacation and have neighbors pick up your packages," instructs MacDowell. "It is common for burglars to look in mailboxes. If they look in your mailbox and can see 3-4 days of mail or see packages on your doorstep, it is a tell tale sign that someone is out of town and away from their home."

Install a Security System

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"Most burglars do not want to confront someone in the home if their intent is just burglary," explains MacDowell. "They are weary of cameras and alarm system signs in front of the home that let them know they are being monitored. Have a security system and cameras on the outside of the property. They are a huge deterrent."

Arm Your Home with Layers of Security

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MacDowell also recommends prioritizing concentric layers of security. "The first layer is associated with the boundary of the site (perimeter and exterior of your home). Additional layers are provided as move inward through the building or home. The more layers of security that are present, the more secure the home or property can be," he says.

Let Someone Know You Are Home

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"When someone you don't know knocks on your door, loudly announce yourself and make movement inside the home," recommends MacDowell. You can use phrases like "May I help you?" "I'm sorry," "Not now," to let that person know you're home. "Burglaries happen when you aren't home. Robberies happen when you are home, so showing a potential burglar that an individual is home can be a deterrent," he says. However, never, ever open the door unless you have verified that that person is supposed to be there.

Install a Remote Lighting Systems

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House lighting is important, but most burglaries happen during the day time when you are at work, MacDowell reveals. "Have a remote lighting system that allows you to turn lights on and off at your discretion."

Don't Leave Trash Bins Outside


Because many burglaries happen while you are at work, trash day can be a popular day to hit, as burglars can easily figure out who isn't home. "For trash day, have available neighbors pull your trash bins in if your trash trucks come when you are away at work," MacDowell says.

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Be Aware of Your Surroundings

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Finally, "keep your wits about you," suggests MacDowell. "When you leave your home each day, be aware of your surroundings and any person or object out of the ordinary."

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