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See Throwback Pics of Demi Moore & Bruce Willis Shared by Daughter Rumer

The 33-year-old celebrated her birthday with some extremely cute family photos.

When Rumer Willis turned 33 on Monday, she marked the occasion the best way she could: by posting cute baby pictures of herself, along with her celeb parents when they were young and rocking their '80s and '90s hairstyles. Rumer is the oldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, and the former couple also have two more: 30-year-old Scout Willis and 27-year-old Tallulah Willis. On her birthday on Aug. 16, Rumer posted a series of photos on Instagram from her first days home into her childhood, including some snaps with her mom and dad. Read on to see the pictures and to learn more about this famous family.

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She posed with her mom as a newborn.

Rumer Willis as a baby with mom Demi Moore
© Rumer Willis / Instagram

The first picture Rumer shared in her post is one of Moore making a funny face while holding her when she was an infant. Rumer captioned her Instagram, "How it started….. 8.16.88." But, in a post on her own page, Demi shared a much longer caption for her daughter's birthday.

Along with two photos—one of Rumer pretending to drive a convertible as a baby and one of her actually driving one as an adult–Demi wrote, "Rumer Glenn Willis – you rocked my world when you were born at 7:04am in Paducah, Kentucky. You kept to the schedule and arrived on your due date. Ready for life, love and learning. You were a gorgeous baby and you have grown into the most stunning, remarkable young woman. I am so grateful you chose me to be your mother. Happy birthday, Rumer Glenn. I love and adore you and can't wait to see what the next 33 years brings!"

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Her dad makes an appearance with some serious facial hair.

Rumer Willis as a baby with dad Bruce Willis
© Rumer Willis / Instagram

In another of her infant photos, Rumer is held by her father as they sit on a porch along with two dogs. The Empire actor also shared another photo of herself a little bit older sitting on a sofa with her dad, both of them wearing matching white outfits.

Bruce does not have his on Instagram account, so he didn't get in on the action, but Rumer's siblings also shared birthday tributes. Like Demi, Tallulah also wrote a lengthy caption in honor of Rumer. "Our ability as sisters to evolve from a big sister – little sister dynamic to truly being best friends and soul twins has been one of the most treasured elements of my adult life," her post reads in part. "I will always see you, always keep a firm grip on you no matter how untethered things may feel, and always be in your corner rooting for you."

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The family have a tight bond.

Rumer Willis as a baby with dad Bruce Willis wearing matching white outfits
© Rumer Willis / Instagram

All three Willis sisters are very close. So, of course, Scout also posted about Rumer's birthday. "The big picture is this, I am so unbelievably proud of you, and proud to be your sister," she shared. "Every year you just become more deeply embodied, more connected to yourself, sexier, more confident in the most soul centered way. I am so proud of you and I am so proud to be your sister and one of your best friends!"

Earlier this year, the sisters and their mom all got to work together, too. The four women starred in a campaign for the swimsuit brand Andie, posing together in matching swimsuits while hanging out at a pool and at a beach house.

Bruce and Demi remain close, too.

Demi Moore sitting next to her baby daughter Rumer Willis
© Rumer Willis / Instagram

Bruce and Demi were married from 1987 to 2000, and they have remained on very good terms following their split. They even attended each others' weddings to new partners. Demi married her now ex-husband Ashton Kutcher in 2005, and Bruce married his wife Emma Heming Willis, with whom he has two young daughters, in 2009.

Earlier this year on International Women's Day, Demi honored Heming Willis in an Instagram post and touched on the bond they share. "Our children are sisters and yet there is no name for what our family connection is to one another," Demi wrote. "We are mothers united, sisters bonded on this crazy adventure of life."

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