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8 Questions Psychics Say They'll Never Answer

They may be all-knowing, but they're not all-telling.

People visit psychics for all kinds of reasons—to have fun with their friends, to better understand themselves, or to try to get some of their most existential questions answered. But regarding this last point, psychics won't answer just any question. Just like with any other client-facing profession, they have to consider liability and ethical principles.

"Psychics offer insight by illuminating aspects of a situation or problem that a person did not previously consider or know," explains Leigh Ann Romano Rogers, MA, a professional tarot reader, psychic medium, and owner of a metaphysical shop in California named Psychic Medium Witch. "This generally makes a person's decision-making easier. But it is very important as a psychic not to explicitly tell a person what to do, or give specific life advice."

To better understand the limitations of what a psychic can and will tell you, we spoke to several professionals in the field to get their take. Keep reading to learn the topics you're better off staying away from.

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"When am I going to die?"

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Of all the psychics we spoke to, nearly everyone agreed that death is off-limits.

"I hold great responsibility around my discernment of what a person can handle, digest, absorb, and move through," shares Natalie Kehren, a certified holistic life coach with psychic abilities.

Stina Garbis, astrologer and owner of Psychic Stina, agrees with this sentiment and says that regardless of how you answer or whether you're right or wrong, this question will cause anxiety.

Kehren says she also avoids this topic because a person always has multiple potential experiences in play. "The timelines are always shifting depending on the choices the person makes, all the small ones to all the big ones," she explains.

For all these reasons, Romano Rogers notes that most psychics will not answer questions about anyone else's death either.

"What happens after I die?"

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Even if you don't ask a psychic about when and how you're going to die, anything having to do with one's afterlife is generally avoided because people have such different religious and spiritual views, shares Danae Heroux, a psychic with California Psychics.

"People use different terms or descriptions, and others may not believe in a final resting place at all. If you and your psychic advisor are not on the same page, you could find yourself confused or upset," she explains. "Your reader can help you connect to deceased loved ones and other spirits, but questions about exactly what awaits in the afterlife might be better addressed by a member of your faith's clergy."

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"Will I recover from this illness?"

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Answering questions about someone's health or medical needs can quickly turn into a legal issue for psychics.

"You're not allowed to answer health questions without being a doctor and that can break the law of practicing medicine without a license," says Garbis.

However, Romano Rogers notes that if a client comes to her and is sharing details of a concerning health issue, she will advise them to seek medical advice.

"But I would never give a health diagnosis or prognosis," she concurs.

"Is this legal?"

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Just as psychics are not doctors, they are also not lawyers, and answering legal questions can be problematic.

"A psychic offering legal advice is not only unethical, but it's also an interference in a legal process that has nothing to do with the psychic," asserts Juan Francisco, medium, tarot reader, and host of the podcast Third Eye Sight.

Romano Rogers notes that if she sees the potential for a positive or negative outcome with a legal matter, she may suggest that a client be "cautious or persistent," but she'd never offer actual legal advice.

"I might advise a person to take the situation seriously by seeking guidance from qualified legal professionals," she says.

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"Should I invest this money?"

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"Many individuals consult psychics for advice regarding their career path, job changes, financial stability, and opportunities for success," says Romano Rogers. "However, a person's autonomy over their financial choices and life is very important to respect."

She explains that questions about finances and money matters should be directed to those with expertise in investments, budgeting, and tax laws.

"Should I play the lottery?"

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This is the age-old question: Why don't psychics win the lottery?

Francisco says that when it comes to questions like, "Should I play the lottery?" or "What numbers should I play?" it's about the intention behind the questions that can "determine the entire energy of the reading."

"Is the question being asked out of greed, or because someone really needs extra cash to put food on the table for their family? Is it because the client wants to take financial advantage of other people's hardships, or is it because they're trying to get out of a difficult situation the most ethically way possible?" he says, adding that everyone would like to be financially secure.

Therefore, these types of questions tend not to fall within a psychic's scope.

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"Is this person my soulmate?"

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Sometimes wonder about your ex? Feel like maybe your spouse isn't your true soulmate? These are questions that psychics tread carefully with.

According to Joyce Keller, psychic, medium, media personality, and author at Psychic Medium Joyce Keller, a person may have many soulmates in their lifetime, which makes it a difficult subject to comment on.

Garbis explains that the spiritual term for a soulmate is "twin flame," and that she feels it can be "dangerous" to tell someone there's only one person for them out there.

"Sometimes people will ask if someone in their past that they are having a hard time getting over is their twin flame, and if you say yes, you have just created this whole anxious mess that may prevent someone from moving forward and having a happy and productive love life," Garbis shares.

"Is my partner cheating?"

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"If a psychic tells you that your partner is cheating on you, then you can lose faith in your partner and that relationship can draw to a close very quickly," Garbis points out. "And if I'm wrong and there is no infidelity, then a lot of anxiety is caused I can be blamed for ruining the trust and faith in a relationship."

This is also a tricky question because "cheating" means different things to different people. Does emotional cheating count, or is it purely sexual in nature?

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Remember, psychics are there to guide not decide.

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Romano Rogers notes that, at the end of the day, psychic guidance should be just that—guidance.

"Clients should always rely on their own judgment and intuition first," she says. "All psychic guidance is subject to interpretation as to what was said or what was meant by what was said. No psychic should claim to have authority over life-altering decisions."

"I try to keep my focus on positive things that can help people with the decisions they're trying to focus on, or finding guidance for things in their future," agrees psychic and astrologer Betty Andrews.

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