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Queen Elizabeth Just Honored the Late Prince Philip in This Subtle Way

The queen was spotted with something belonging to her husband at a recent event.

Members of the royal family often use their style choices to make statements, whether that's wearing a certain color that represents something or donning a piece of jewelry with historical meaning. Recently, the queen made a touching statement with a new accessory. As reported by Page Six, on Feb. 5, Queen Elizabeth was spotted using Prince Philip's cane. The monarch's husband died in April of last year, so appearing in public with something of his could be one way she's keeping his memory alive.

The outing with Philip's cane is also significant because of what Queen Elizabeth was celebrating at the time. Read on to find out more.

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The queen was celebrating a big anniversary.

Queen Elizabeth at a Platinum Jubilee reception at Sandringham House on February 5, 2022
Joe Giddens – by WPA Pool/Getty Images

The day that Queen Elizabeth was photographed with Philip's cane was the day before her accession day—the day she became queen in 1952—and she was at a reception marking the anniversary. As reported by People, the reception was held at Sandringham House and included locals from the area, including charity representatives. The queen cut a cake with the emblem of her Platinum Jubilee—the year-long celebration for her 70th anniversary as monarch—and received a mosaic made by local children. The event was the queen's first public appearance this year.

Prince Philip reportedly used the cane often.

Prince Philip visiting The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) project at the Dersingham Bog Nature Reserve on the Royal Sandringham Estate in September 2013

It had been a while since this particular cane of Philip's was seen publicly. According to People, the last time he was photographed with it was in 2013 after abdominal surgery, but he was reportedly known to use it on Sandringham Estate.

"I recognized the stick instantly, as it was always kept in a pot by the front door," Gyles Brandreth, a royal biographer, told The Telegraph (via Page Six). "It was the duke's stick, and it is very touching that the Queen has started using it."

The queen doesn't always use a cane.

Queen Elizabeth arriving at Westminster Abbey in October 2021
Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

The queen made headlines when she was seen with a cane in October 2021, attending a service at Westminster Abbey. That was the first time she was photographed with a cane since 2003, when she had knee surgery, according to the USA Today. A source told Page Six in October that she was using the cane "for her comfort." It remains to be seen whether she will use one more regularly from now on.

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She has many more celebrations to come.

Queen Elizabeth at a Platinum Jubilee reception at Sandringham House on February 5, 2022
Joe Giddens – by WPA Pool/Getty Images

The reception at Sandringham House was only the start of the queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Queen Elizabeth is the first British monarch to reach 70 years on the throne and have a Platinum Jubilee; the second-longest serving monarch was Queen Victoria, who was queen for 63 years.

The main events of the Platinum Jubilee will take place in June, when the U.K. will have a four-day holiday weekend. Those include the Trooping the Colour parade, a concert at Buckingham Palace that will be broadcast by the BBC, and much more, according to the royal family website.

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