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These Royals Are Reportedly Furious About Harry and Meghan's Baby News

The news stole the show from a certain royal bride.

While royal watchers all over the globe are rejoicing about the official announcement from Kensington Palace that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child, my sources tell me there is a lot of hard feelings among certain members of the Royal Family about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex broke the news that "Baby Sussex" is expected some time in the spring of 2019.

According to the Daily Mail, the expectant parents broke the news to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip as well as Prince William, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Charles, during Princess Eugenie's wedding. "The Duke and Duchess were about to leave on a 16-day royal tour and they felt it best to share the news with everyone before their departure and this happened to have been the best way to do it," said my source.

Royal protocol dictates the Queen be told first of such news.

Evidently there are several members of the royal family who were not happy about Meghan and Harry breaking protocol and announcing their baby news at another important royal event. My sources tell me that the bride's mother, Sarah Ferguson, is furious about the timing of the news. Prince Andrew is also reportedly miffed because, "He always feels his girls are overshadowed by William and Harry. The Duke worked very hard to make sure Eugenie got the wedding she deserved. She is the Queen's granddaughter and a princess by blood. The news about the pregnancy spread through the reception and definitely took attention away from the bride."

I reported earlier this fall that tensions between Andrew and Charles over Eugenie's wedding were running high. Charles has been advocating for "streamlined" royal family which was at odds with Andrew's desire to give his daughter a wedding that was publicly criticized for being unnecessarily extravagant for a minor royal and trying to duplicate Harry and Meghan's wedding. Andrew seemed to indirectly address those criticisms when he spoke to ITV before the ceremony saying, "It will not be the same as the previous [wedding] that was held in May. It's not a public wedding, this is meant to be a family wedding."

To add (perceived) insult to injury, Kensington Palace officially revealed the pregnancy at 8:40 a.m. on Monday, October 15th, which happens to be Fergie's 59th birthday. At the same time of the announcement, she posted a tweet thanking the designer of her dress she wore to the wedding. (Oddly, she looks anything but thrilled in the accompanying photo.) She then posted three other messages with images from the wedding saying how "proud" she was of her daughter and new son-in-law Jack Brooksbank, making no mention of Harry and Meghan's pregnancy news.

"There is no question Fergie is quite upset for her daughter about what happened at the wedding. Unfortunately, drawing attention to herself this way won't win her any fans among the royals because she somehow managed to make this about herself," said my source. "Everyone is very happy for Harry and Meghan, the timing just happened to coincide with the wedding. It was unavoidable."

My source told me Harry and Meghan felt they had no choice about making the announcement because speculation about Meghan possibly being pregnant has been ramping up ever since the duke and duchess appeared at a London fundraiser last month. At the time, social media was buzz when Meghan appeared with a noticeably fuller figure. For the wedding, pregnancy buzz reached fever pitch. "The Duchess chose her understated Givenchy coat and dress for the wedding so as not to draw attention to herself. However, it was clear that her appearance had changed. Everyone noticed and it certainly would not have made sense to deny things any further."

Reportedly, newlyweds Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank are harboring no hard feelings. "Eugenie and Jack are over the moon about being married and had a marvelous time at their wedding," said my source. "They are also thrilled for Meghan and Harry. Eugenie has always been quite close to her cousin and Meghan was helpful in planning the wedding. The young royals are fine with each other. But the old guard is still harboring old grudges."

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Diane Clehane is a New York-based journalist and author of Imagining Diana and Diana: The Secrets of Her Style.

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