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This Pit Bull Rescue's Birthday Surprise Is the Definition of Pure Joy

She's spoiled rotten and she's not complaining.

Most dogs love tennis balls. But for an 8-year-old pit bull named Ivy, these round, yellow objects have a particularly very special meaning. "The tennis ball tradition started on the first birthday she had after I adopted her," Ivy's owner, Justin Hall, told Best Life. "I bought a few packs of them and 'made it rain' for her and she absolutely freaked out."

Hall adopted Ivy from a shelter when she was four. "She originally came from a defunct breeder," he explained. "Then she was with someone who wasn't taking the best care for her and she ended up being locked in a room for a week and had to chew through a door to escape and find food and water."

ivy the dog and her owner Justin Hall

Since that first birthday, Hall, a 32-year-old graphic designer living in Orlando, Florida, has been getting Ivy bigger and bigger boxes of tennis balls to celebrate her birthday.

For her eighth birthday, he decided to go especially big and bought a bulk shipment of 500 tennis balls off of eBay. It's safe to say Ivy was pretty thrilled about it.

Hall posted a photo of the ecstatic pup on Reddit, where it quickly went viral. How it could it not? Just look at that face! Have you ever seen anyone express more joy or gratitude?

Ivy the pit bull gets tennis balls for 8th birthday.
Justin Hall

On top of the sea of tennis balls, Hall also got his sweet pup an above ground swimming pool, which she totally didn't appreciate at all.

ivy the dog gets tennis ball birthday surprise, goes viral
Justin Hall

Pit bulls have a bad reputation, and, as a result, they are often passed over for adoption. According to the Save-A-Bull Rescue organization, only one in 600 pit bulls finds a forever home. A large majority of municipal shelters euthanize them immediately without even giving them a chance at adoption. But Ivy's proof that there are many kind and friendly pit bulls out there just waiting to be loved.

"Ivy is genuinely the nicest, most laidback dog I have ever known," Hall said. "She gets along with everyone, including other dogs, kids, and even cats. I bring her with me everywhere I can."


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Close your eyes and listen. Is it a bully or an idling boat motor? #pitbullsofinstagram #americanbully

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Indeed, Hall's Instagram account is dominated by photos of his many outdoor adventures with Ivy.

"She loves the water, so I take her kayaking all the time," he said.

He even bought her a pet trailer so she can join him on his bike rides. Again, she clearly does not enjoy this at all.


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Cruis'n USA

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"The looks we get on the bike trailer are priceless!" Hall said. "People see me approaching and assume I have a small child, but once they can see Ivy, it always gets a laugh. A lot of people are terrified of her at first glance because of her looks, but I love being able to expose people to her and show them that she is just a big baby."


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Happy puppers.

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Ivy is also living proof that getting a senior dog can be incredibly rewarding. Which is why Hall has a special message for anyone who is looking to adopt an older dog, but worried about having to curb their lifestyles: "Do it! Every dog is different, but every dog deserves to be loved!"

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