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See Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek's Two Sons All Grown Up

Oliver and Jonathan Otcasek are both in their 20s.

One of the hardest parts about losing a loved one can be continuing to celebrate joyous occasions and milestones without them by your side. That's something model Paulina Porizkova opened up about on Sunday when she shared on Instagram that her son graduated from college. Porizkova had been married to Cars frontman Ric Ocasek for 28 years when they separated in 2018. Then, the following year, Ocasek died at age 75. In the couple of years since, Porizkova has spoken openly about grieving Ocasek, including in her latest post, in which she reflects on how proud he would be of their sons.

Read on to see what Porizkova had to say, and to find out what their adult sons are up to these days.

Oliver Otcasek graduated from the University of Rochester.

Over the weekend, Porizkova's younger son, Oliver Otcasek (her sons kept the original spelling of Ric's name), graduated from the University of Rochester. According to the university's website, Oliver received a bachelor of science degree and majored in computer science. The weekend didn't only mark Oliver's graduation—it was also his birthday. As reported by People, Porizkova posted in her Instagram Story, "Happy 23rd bday on the 23rd" along with a photo of Oliver throwing his graduation cap in the air.

In addition to studying computer science, Oliver has also tried out modeling. He was in a campaign for the luxury brand Loewe in 2018 and also appeared in Vogue Czechoslovakia with his mom in the same year.

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Jonathan Otcasek designs video games.

Jonathan Otcasek holding a dog.
© Paulina Porizkova / Instagram

Porizkova and Ocasek's sons keep their lives pretty private, and that includes their social media. Oliver only has a few photos on his Instagram page, while an account that belongs to brother Jonathan Otcasek doesn't have any.

According to a Page Six report from October 2020, Jonathan is a video game designer. In November 2020, Porizkova shared an Instagram post in honor of his 27th birthday. It's a photo of her son with long hair holding a dog next to a depiction of Jesus. She said his girlfriend pointed out the resemblance. "One of those is my son, born today 27 years ago," Porizkova wrote. "He is compassionate and gentle and incredibly kind – as well as super smart. His name starts with a J. (likeness noticed and provided by @erinstagram)."

Porizkova's kids aren't fazed by her modeling career.

Jonathan Otcasek, Oliver Otcasek, Paulina Porizkova, and Ric Osasek at the premiere of "Florence Foster Jenkins" in 2016
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Porizkova has posted photos without much (or any) clothing on Instagram and appeared in a see-through bodysuit on the cover of Vogue Czechoslovakia earlier this year. In an interview with the New York Times (via Hollywood Life), Porizkova and Oliver commented on the comfort the model's sons have with her expressing herself. "There's mom, naked again," Porizkova joked in the interview. Oliver added, "None of this is all that new to me and our family. We already knew what her opinions were and she's really being herself, she's just reaching a wider audience. And a human body is just a human body."

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Porizkova is proud of her sons and knows Ocasek would be, too.

Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek at the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Children's Defense Fund's Beat the Odds Program in 2010
Miro Vrlik Photography /

In the post about Oliver's graduation, Porizkova wrote, "Both of our boys graduated on time, with honors, after having the worst year and a half of their lives. I'm so incredibly proud of them. And I know he is too. Together, we've raised some outstanding human beings."

She also wrote a message specifically for those who are experiencing milestones without a loved one.

"This weekend, I want to send out well-wishes and congratulations to everyone whose children are taking a big step into adulthood," she said. "But my heart goes out to all of us who are attending such momentous occasions as graduations – with someone crucial missing. Their absence in these joyous occasions is probably even more keenly felt. They SHOULD be here. There is such a painfully felt hollow where they belong."

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