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Ozzy Osbourne Reveals "Favorite Kid" in New Interview: "They Know It!"

The Black Sabbath frontman has three children with wife Sharon Osbourne.

Sharing which child is the favorite is a big ask for most parents—either because they truly don't have one or they wouldn't dare admit it—but Ozzy Osbourne isn't most parents. In a new interview with Rolling Stone UK, the Black Sabbath singer readily shared which one of his kids is his favorite and said that his other two are well aware of this fact. Ozzy and his wife of 41 years Sharon Osbourne have three children: Aimee, Kelly, and Jack Osbourne. While Kelly and Jack came to fame starring on the reality show The Osbournes with their parents, Aimee did not participate in the show and is far more private. (Ozzy also has three older children with his former wife Thelma RileyJessica and Louis Osbourne and Riley's son Elliot Kingsley, who Ozzy adopted.)

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Speaking with Rolling Stone, Ozzy talked about bonding with his baby grandson Sidney, who is the son of Kelly and musician Sid Wilson.

"I can already see what's he gonna be like. He's gonna be a real proper little boy, poking sticks and setting fire to things. Just like I was!" Ozzy said. "We get on great, and it's just [expletive] wonderful. I never had a chance to see much of my kids growing up because I was always on the road. But being at home has allowed me to do that as a grandad, and little Sid is just [expletive] great. He really is."

The 74-year-old added, "It's been the making of Kelly too. If I've got a favorite kid, it's Kelly." Asked if his other two children knew how he feels, he responded, "Oh, they know it! Me and Kelly, we're like two peas in a pod!"

Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne at the 2020 Grammys
David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Last year, Ozzy shared how excited he was about Kelly welcoming her first child. "Kelly's big and she's beautiful and I love it," he told Entertainment Tonight. He added of a potential gift for the baby, "The first thing that I'm going to buy is a microphone."

Meanwhile, Kelly said that Ozzy wouldn't stop speaking about her pregnancy, including revealing the sex of her child. "Well, look, all I will say is that my dad has [expletive] told everybody. Because he's so excited," she told People in October 2022. "If you just look up one of his interviews, you'll find the answers. Even though I'm not saying anything! He did an interview today and I'm outside the door. I'm like, 'Dad, shut up!'"

After welcoming her son, Kelly shared about Sidney and Ozzy's special relationship. "[My mom] absolutely adores him, and so does my dad," she told Today. "My dad and him have a real connection … My dad's a sleep talker, he always has been. Now in his sleep, he calls out for Sidney. It's really cute."

Sidney is Ozzy and Sharon's fifth grandchild. They also have four grandchildren from Jack—three from his relationship with ex-wife Lisa Stelly and one from his relationship with current wife Aree Gearhart.

Also in his Rolling Stone UK interview, Ozzy looked back on starring on The Osbournes with his family and the pros and cons of being reality TV stars. He said that he feels the show, which ran from 2002 to 2005, was more real than reality shows that exist today.

"You could be watching it, and suddenly someone comes running through with a [expletive] frying pan on fire. It was just normal for us—we'd swear, we'd cuss, and there'd be [expletive] dog [expletive] everywhere. That's what we were really like. It all started to get a bit silly in Season 3, where they'd suggest stuff like taking us on a boating trip, and I just thought, 'Oh, [expletive] off!'" He continued, "We were asked to do another series, but the kids were [expletive] up from it, I was [expletive] up from it, and Sharon was going through cancer. Rock'n'roll fame was one thing, but TV was just off the [expletive] Richter scale."

Still, he sees a positive to so much of his family's life being recorded. "I never really watched it, but recently I did an interview where they showed me clips of it, and I realized that our kids can show our grandchildren what it was like with their grandparents when they were kids. It's a good living diary of what happened," the rock star said.

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