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9 New Movies You Can Watch on Netflix This Weekend

Including one of Harrison Ford's best thrillers and two new teen slasher flicks.

Marvel fans may have this weekend marked down as the long-awaited premiere of the next movie in their series, but there's a lot more to watch out there than just Black Widow. Particularly if you're a Netflix family, you have some seriously appealing choices, both in brand new movies and movies that just landed on the service. So if you're ready to kick into relaxation mode, read on for the best new movies to stream on Netflix this weekend.

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Fear Street Part One: 1994

Maya Hawke in Fear Street: 1994

R.L. Stine's Goosebumps and Fear Street books were an introduction to horror for millions of kids and teens. Capitalizing on the nostalgia that those who grew up with them will always have for Stine's terrifying tales, Netflix is in the midst of releasing a new Fear Street movie trilogy. (Those were the ones aimed at an adolescent, not elementary, audience.) The first one, appropriately set in the mid-'90s, follow a group of friends who tangle with an evil presence that's taken up residence in their town.

Fear Street Part Two: 1978

Emily Rudd and Sadie Sink in Fear Street Part 2: 1978

The second movie in the Fear Street trilogy takes it back a few years and takes place in one of the most iconic settings for a slasher flick: a summer camp. In this one, a possessed counselor goes on a killing spree, and the campers not immediately taken out have to find a way to survive. The third and final movie, Fear Street Part Three: 1666, premieres on July 16.


Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, and Octavia Spencer in Snowpiercer
CJ Entertainment

Several years before Parasite won the Oscar, director Bong Joon-ho introduced audiences to a post-apocalyptic future in which the only remaining humans traverse the now uninhabitable Earth in a train that never stops moving. Snowpiercer takes aim at classism as a passenger from the undesirable back of the train (Chris Evans) aims to take down the rich folks living large at the front. It's also been adapted into a TV show, but you'll have to turn to HBO Max to watch Season 1 of that.

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Air Force One

Harrison Ford in Air Force One
Sony Pictures Releasing

"Get off my plane," may be the one line that everyone remembers from Air Force One, the 1997 action flick starring Harrison Ford as a very self-sufficient president, but there's a lot more to it than that. You can revisit this movie about the First Family fighting off a group of terrorists mid-air (hey, when you've got Indiana Jones flying with you, there's a chance) now that it's on Netflix.

Love Actually

Love Actually
Universal Pictures

Christmas in July! Love this aggressively sentimental holiday ensemble rom-com or hate it, it can't be argued that Love Actually didn't have an impact. If you're already feeling the itch to unbox your December decor, you may want to pump the AC and watch a bunch of British people (and the odd American and Irishman) fall in love this weekend.

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Why Do Fools Fall in Love

Larenz Tate and Lela Rochon in Why Do Fools Fall in Love
Warner Bros.

Why Do Fools Fall in Love isn't your average biopic. The 1998 movie stars Larenz Tate as Frankie Lymon, of the group Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, and dramatizes the stories told after his death by three women (Halle BerryVivica A. Fox, and Lela Rochon) who all claimed to be the rightful heir to his estate.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Tri-Star Pictures

Widely regarded as the best of the Terminator movies, Terminator 2: Judgment Day (or T2, if you're on casual terms), is on Netflix now. Like the first, this one stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the titular android, who this time is sent to the past to protect Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and her son John (Edward Furlong), not prevent the latter's existence.

The Austin Powers Trilogy

Mike Myers in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
New Line Cinema

Netflix is now the proud home to all three movies starring Mike Myers as a thawed-out British superspy who does surprisingly well with women. That's right: Austin Powers: International Man of MysteryAustin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and Austin Powers in Goldmember are available on the same service for your streaming pleasure. Get ready for all those lines to come screaming back to you.

America: The Motion Picture

America the Motion Picture

Make sure the kids are out of the room when you put this Netflix Original animated comedy on, because it's definitely for adults. Featuring the voices of some of your favorite comics and comedic actors (Channing TatumOlivia MunnJudy Greer, and Will Forte among them), America: The Motion Picture imagines the Revolutionary War playing out a lot (and we mean a lot) differently.

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