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See Clint Eastwood's Daughter Francesca, Who's an Actor & Reality TV Alum

She first came to fame through an E! reality show but is now concentrating on her movie career.

At 91 years old, actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood has been a Hollywood mainstay for six decades and is still directing and starring in movies. He's also had quite the complicated romantic history over the years and is a father of eight, including 28-year-old Francesca Eastwood. Clint shares Francesca with his Unforgiven co-star Frances Fisher, who he dated for six years in the '90s.

Francesca is among Eastwood's children who have followed him into acting, and she even appeared in one of the most talked-about horror movies of this summer. She's also a model and was briefly a reality TV star. To hear more about Francesca's acting and modeling careers—and how one infamous photoshoot led to some serious backlash—read on.

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Francesca received death threats after a photoshoot that was featured on her E! reality show.

Francesca Eastwood 2018
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Environmental Media Association

When she was 19, Francesca was one of the main cast members of the short-lived 2012 reality show, Mrs. Eastwood & Company, along with Clint's then-wife, Dina Eastwood and her daughter (Francesca's half-sister), Morgan Eastwood. Clint himself even appeared in a few episodes.

The show followed Francesca through her early modeling career and life in Los Angeles with her boyfriend at the time, controversial photographer Tyler Shields. During one episode, Francesca modeled for Shields—the same photographer who took that infamous shot of comedian Kathy Griffin holding a fake severed Donald Trump head—in a photoshoot that involved her burning and taking a chainsaw to a $100,00 Hermès Birkin bag.

The photoshoot prompted an angry response, with critics finding the destruction of such an expensive item wasteful and offensive. As reported by Today, commenters on Shields' website said that the shoot was "not artistry" but that it was "incredibly insensitive to those in financial need." TMZ reported that Francesca received multiple death threats via Facebook and Twitter for appearing in the photographs.

In a statement to HuffPost, Shields said, "People spend 200k on an album cover, they spend millions on catering for movies, they spend money to create things—that is all I am doing with this. For all the people who hate it, I get the same amount of emails from people who love it. Art is there for you to decide—you either get it, love it and embrace [it] or you hate it —and most people decide in 10 seconds."

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Francesca has been acting since she was a toddler.

Francesca Eastwood 2021
Dipasupil/Getty Images

While Francesca has continued modeling, frequently sharing shots on her Instagram, she's also making a name for herself as an actor.

And she started early. At the age of two, Francesca appeared in the 1995 drama, The Stars Fell on Henrietta, which was produced by her father and stars her mother. Four years later, she was in True Crime, a thriller directed by and starring her dad. It would be 15 years before she returned to acting on-screen, joining Clint on set again when she played a waitress in his 2014 movie musical, Jersey Boys. But working with her father as an adult didn't come without challenges.

"It was more nerve-racking than a normal acting job since the director was also my dad, so it was extra pressure," she told Refinery 29 in 2014. "But, I think it went well."

Francesca took on more roles in the ensuing years. On TV, she recurred on the revival series Heroes Reborn, played a younger version of a character played by her mother on Fargo, and appeared in several TV movies. Her recent film credits include two 2019 thrillers, A Violent Separation and Awake. This year, she could be seen in the M. Night Shyamalan movie Old, as Madrid, a worker at a tropical resort with a beach that mysteriously causes tourists to rapidly age. Francesca attended the world premiere in New York City in July (pictured above), and in a post on Instagram, noted how meaningful it was for her to work with Shyamalan.

"The performances and quality of this film directed by one of my heroes gave me the best anxiety attack of my life," she wrote in the caption. "Ready to see it again!

Several of her siblings have also gone into the entertainment industry.

Scott Eastwood, Alison Eastwood and Francesca Eastwood in 2015
David Livingston/Getty Images

On her father's side, Francesca has seven half-siblings. Laurie Murray, 64, isn't involved in the movies, but has attended Hollywood events with her family. Kimber Eastwood, 57, is a makeup artist and producer. Kyle Eastwood, 53, is a jazz bassist and composer. Alison Eastwood (above, middle), 49, is an actor and a director. Kathryn Eastwood, 33, and Morgan, 24, are also actors, though Kathryn has dabbled in screenwriting as well.

Francesca's older half-brother, 35-year-old Scott Eastwood (above, left), is the most well-known performer of Clint's kids. He's starred in several hit movies, including Pacific Rim: Uprising and The Fate of the Furious.

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Francesca has said that being the daughter of a film icon has its drawbacks.

Francesca Eastwood and Clint Eastwood in 2018

Throughout his career, Clint has made many iconic westerns, which actually didn't help when Francesca was auditioning for a part in 2016's Outlaws and Angels, a film about a group of bandits who invade a frontier family's home.

"I loved the story and I really wanted to do it," she told The Times in 2017 (via Associated Press). "But some of the producers were like, 'We can't cast Clint Eastwood's kid in a western. That's insane.'"

She pleaded her case, and they eventually gave her the part of Florence, the frontier family's 15-year-old daughter. "I'm so glad they did because it was the first time I thought, 'This is what I want to do with my life,'" she said. Francesca's mother was also a part of the cast.

Despite her brief reality career and being cast in a few of her father's films, Francesca has said that her famous name can be a hindrance.

"The types of projects I want to do don't come easy—whether you have a big name or not," she told The Times. "It helps you get a reservation at a restaurant and it helps if you want to start working on just anything. But sometimes it works against you."

She has a two-year-old son. 

Francesca Eastwood and Titan Wraith Eastwood
© Francesca Eastwood / Instagram

Francesca welcomed her only child, son Titan Wraith Eastwood, with actor and trainer Alexander Wraith in 2018. It's unclear whether the two are still together, but Wraith continues to share photos of Titan on his Instagram.

Previously, Francesca was married to Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein's brother, Jordan Feldstein. But their 2013 marriage was annulled after one week. In 2017, it was reported by some outlets that she had married Westworld actor Clifton Collins Jr., but neither of them ever confirmed that they'd tied the knot.

Francesca remains close to her family, including both of her parents. While Clint and Fisher haven't been together for more than 20 years, they appear to be on friendly terms, especially when it comes to their daughter. They both accompanied Francesca to the premiere of her 2017 thriller film, M.F.A. And in honor of Father's Day this year, Francesca shared photos of her dad holding Titan, captioning the post, "Best dad. Best grandfather." She also shared a vintage shot of her as a child with her mom.

Her siblings also make frequent appearances on her Instagram—especially Scott, who appears to be a big part of his nephew's life. Francesca shares lots of photos of Scott and Titan spending time together.

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