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See Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian's Two Teenage Sons

Mason and Jake are also super close with their stepmom, LeAnn Rimes.

Actor Eddie Cibrian and reality TV star Brandi Glanville were married for 10 years before divorcing in 2011. Their split made plenty of headlines, since Cibrian had cheated on Glanville with his current wife, singer LeAnn Rimes. Despite the rocky end of their romantic relationship, the former couple continue to co-parent their two kids, Mason Cibrian, 18, and Jake Cibrian, 14. And this year, both kids hit pretty big milestones. To see Glanville and Cibrian's two teenage sons today and to hear more about how their blended family works, read on.

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Mason will be attending Chapman University in the fall.

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Glanville has shared lots of posts about both of her sons on her Instagram, including updates on their accomplishments. In May, she shared a video of Mason walking across the stage to get his diploma at his high school graduation. "Sierra Canyon, Class of 2021 ? So incredibly proud of Mason ???," she wrote in the caption.

Mason doesn't post as frequently on Instagram, but he has shared some selfies and travel shots. Additionally, his bio indicates that he'll be studying at Chapman University in the fall.

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Mason just celebrated his birthday with his family.

In honor of Mason's 18th birthday earlier this month, Cibrian shared a series of photos, including one of his son at prom, another of him taking a mirror selfie, and one of Cibrian giving him a bath as a newborn. "I can remember like it was yesterday holding this sweet human in my hands… a baby," he captioned the post. "Now 18. A man. And just as sweet. And caring, and kind, and intelligent…a beautiful future ahead."

Glanville also shared a photo of herself and Mason together. "You may legally be an adult now but you'll always be my baby boy," she wrote.

The next day, Glanville posted a photo on Instagram of the entire family, including Cibrian and Rimes, celebrating Mason's birthday.

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Jake is headed to high school. 

Mason wasn't the only Cibrian who graduated this spring—Jake and his family also celebrated his completion of the eighth grade. "All done with middle stop, high school!! ????," Glanville wrote on Instagram.

It seems like the Real Housewives star and her younger son have a close relationship. In February, she posted a photo with Jake and wrote, "This love of my life is taller than me now and possibly sassier??? I am so blessed ??#he keeps me on my toes??? ."

Cibrian also shows a lot of love for Jake on social media. On his 13th birthday last April, the actor shared a photo of himself and Jake at the beach. "Happy Birthday, Jake!! ??You are truly an incredible young man," he wrote.

The boys are also close with Rimes.

Jake Cibrian, Mason Cibrian, Eddie Cibrian, and LeAnn Rimes 2019
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During an interview with Refinery 29 in 2017, Rimes talked about celebrating Stepmother's Day, which is the Sunday after Mother's Day, with Cibrian and his kids. "We go to dinner and do the whole thing," she explained. "I love the fact that there is a stepmom's day and an option [for stepparents to celebrate]."

Rimes and Cibrian haven't had any kids together, but Rimes feels like another mother to Mason and Jake. And it's an experience that's enriched her life.

"It's been really rewarding to see them grow up, and know that I have a part in that," she said. "That responsibility, to help raise kids, it's something that hits you really hard. It was something I was up for the challenge of. They bring so much joy to my life."

Like Cibrian and Glanville, Rimes also made an Instagram tribute to Mason on his recent birthday."You are ridiculously handsome and as witty as they come, but most of all, it's your massive heart that inspires me the most," she wrote. "It's an honor and a blessing to be your stepmom."

Putting their kids first helped Glanville and Cibrian get through their split.

"He's [Cibrian] gonna be in my life forever," Glanville told Entertainment Tonight in 2015. "We're raising two little boys together, and I think that ultimately, we put them first."

The reality star said that she and Cibrian have had their fair share of fights about "parenting styles." But she's grateful that her kids have a dad and stepmom who love them. "I would die for them, I would do anything for my children," she added.

The family weathered tougher times when the adults were not getting along. In 2009, when Rimes and Cibrian's relationship became public, Glanville told US Weekly that Rimes was a "stalker," who needed to leave Cibrian alone. A few months after that, Glanville released a statement about her breakup that included the phrase, "Eddie and LeAnn deserve each other."

However, Glanville told ET in April that she's now in a good place with both Rimes and her ex.

"This took time and 10 years," she explained. "And I think that LeAnn grew up a lot, and I know that I've grown a lot. We just, we've grown up. We're not little brats anymore…Honestly, there's no weirdness, there's no awkwardness. The kids are super happy when we're all together and it's finally good."

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