19 Albums We Can't Wait For in 2019

Meet your soundtrack for 2019.

In 2018 the music world witnessed the rise of new artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Cardi B, along with the reemergence of beloved idols such as Paul McCartney. What can we expect in 2019?

Well, read on—because here are all of the artists you should be ready to download ASAP in the new year, from pop star Ariana Grande to Kanye West to Jack White's terrific side project The Raconteurs. And for more things to look forward to in the new year, check out these 30 Amazing Things to Look Forward to in 2019.

"Rap or Go to the League" by 2 Chainz

2 Chainz albums 2019
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Though 2 Chainz has said little about his upcoming fourth studio album, "Rap or Go to the League," his recent collaborations with Drake and Quavo promise a star-studded return to the big leagues for the rapper. And for more ways to celebrate the best pop culture moments of the past year, check out these 50 Biggest Pop Culture Moments from 2018.

"Thank U, Next" by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande albums 2019

Though it's only been a few months since the release of "Sweetener," "Thank U, Next" promises to be as heartfelt as it is club-worthy, as Ariana Grande copes with her much-publicized breakup with comedian Pete Davidson.

So far, Grande has released two singles to be featured on the album, "Thank u, next" and "Imagine"—both of which proved to be chart-topping hits for the singer. If these singles are any indication of the album's power, then Grande fans can expect to enjoy yet another release full of smash hits.

"American Football" by American Football

American Football albums 2019
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Since American Football's self-titled album was released in 1999, it helped to create an entirely new genre of "emo rock."

Though their second comeback album, released in 2016, didn't see nearly as much success or critical acclaim as the first, their new self-titled album is thought to be the final word on the genre that they ultimately epitomized—which is set to be released on March 22nd. And for more on your favorite bands, check out these 30 Terrible Original Names for Your Favorite Bands.

"Yandhi" by Kanye West

Kanye West albums 2019

After debuting the album's content at Tyler, the Creator's music festival Camp Flog Gnaw with Kid Cudi under the name Kids See Ghosts, Kanye West delayed the release of his ninth studio album, "Yandi," to September 23, 2019.

While just snippets of the music have already been released on Instagram and performed at several shows, it seems that Kanye is still unsure about the album's message—but either way, we can't wait to hear it.

"Remind Me Tomorrow" by Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten albums 2019

For fans of Sharon Van Etten's earlier work, this new album may prove to be a detour, eschewing her folksy roots and sounding decidedly more like dreamy electronic. Her follow-up to "Are We There" arrives January 18—and if you can't wait until January, Van Etten has already released one song from the album, entitled "Comeback Kid." And for more female power in the new year, check out these 30 Best Female-Led Films of 2019.

The Cure

The Cure Robert Smith Worst albums 2019

Right on the heels of the band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year, the Cure's lead singer, Robert Smith, announced that they would be releasing a new album in 2019—the first one that the band has released in over a decade. While still untitled, Smith claimed that he was inspired to create the new album by other artists' creativity during the 2018 Meltdown Festival.

"Chapter 6" by The Weeknd

The Weeknd albums 2019

Last March, The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) returned to his dark and moody roots with the release of "My Dear Melancholy," a six-song EP that was said to have been about his breakup with Selena Gomez. However, since rekindling his romantic relationship with model Bella Hadid, you can bet that his new album, "Chapter 6," will be just as moody and catchy.

"Mitsubishi Macchiato" by Vampire Weekend

vampire weekend albums 2019

While there is no set release date on Vampire Weekend's latest album, satirically titled (and tentatively titled) "Mitsubishi Macchiato," lead singer Ezra Koenig promises fans that it's already completed.

In fact, the singer even showcased a few new songs off the album at a Lollapalooza afterparty, with one fan describing its sound on Reddit as "a more spacey and empty sounding record" featuring "a slick, almost sexy taste of 70s funk licks." Well, if you ask us, that sounds promising.

"The Black Album" by Weezer

Weezer albums 2019

For their thirteenth studio album, the band has yet again surprised (and perhaps, delighted) its fanbase with the release of two songs from "The Black Album:" "Can't Knock the Hustle" and "Zombie B*stards."

Both songs proved to be a bit of a departure for the band. "The Black Album" will be released on March 8, a week before the band begins a tour with Pixies, TV on the Radio, and Basement.

The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs albums 2019
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Jack White fans are looking forward to the upcoming year for one reason, and one reason alone: the return of the musician's most beloved project, The Raconteurs.

Just last month, White's Third Man Records announced the release of the band's first album since 2008, along with two singles from the project, "Sunday Driver" and "Now That You're Gone."

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson albums 2019

Though the album doesn't have a set release date in 2019, the music icon and tour de force that is Janet Jackson announced in 2017 that she's working on yet another album to add to her impressive catalog. Just this past summer, Jackson released the first peek into the new album: "Made For Now," with Daddy Yankee. If it's any indication, Jackson's new effort will be an interesting union of dancehall and reggaeton.

"Head Above Water" by Avril Lavigne

avril lavigne albums 2019

In a personal letter posted on her website, Avril Lavigne admitted that the inspiration for her upcoming album, titled "Head Above Water," came during a particularly hard struggle with Lyme disease.

"One night, I thought I was dying, and I had accepted that I was going to die. My mom laid with me in bed and held me. I felt like I was drowning. Under my breath, I prayed 'God, please help to keep my head above the water.' In that moment, the songwriting of this album began," she said. For fans looking forward to this deep and introspective experience, it is set to be released on February 15th.

"DNA" by Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys albums 2019

Backstreet's back—all right! Nine studio albums and a Las Vegas residency later, the Backstreet Boys are back with their first full-length album since 2013, titled "DNA," due out on January 25th.

Bruce Springsteen

bruce springsteen albums 2019

Fans of  Bruce Springsteen can look forward to a more singer-songwriter album from the rock legend in the upcoming year. This announcement comes on the heels of his year-long "Springsteen on Broadway" run—the end of which will see the musician redirect his focus to readying the album for its release sometime in 2019.

"Can't Say I Ain't Country" by Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line albums 2019

This country band's cheeky fourth studio album, "Can't Say I Ain't Country," features performances from special guests like Jason Aldean and Jason Derulo—and comes out on February 15.

"Norman [Expletive] Rockwell" by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey albums 2019

In true Lana Del Rey fashion, her forthcoming album is entitled "Norman [Expletive] Rockwell"—evoking wit and vintage appeal with one short and sweet title.

Though the album's release date has yet to be announced, the singer has already debuted two singles, "Venice [Expletive]" and "Mariners Apartment Complex," which bear the same dazzling quality as her earlier work.


Madonna albums 2019

Though not much is known about this pop princess' upcoming album, she released a video on Instagram last month promising fans that her 14th studio album was in the final stages of completion. No matter what kind of album Madonna produces in the new year, it's likely that her charms will once again wield chart-topping hits.

Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam albums 2019

At Pearl Jam's final tour stop in Boston earlier this year, frontman Eddie Vedder finally gave grunge fans around the world something to look forward to in the new year: a brand new album.

Still untitled, Vedder and his bandmates have been spotted recording new material at a recording studio in Seattle. Alas, it's looking like a grungy new year!

Miley Cyrus

Miley cyrus albums 2019

Miley Cyrus just can't stop… releasing new and flavorful music for her growing fanbase. Case in point: the pop star announced that she would be recording music with Mike WILL Made-It—the same rap producer behind her 2013 "Bangerz" album.

It seems that Cyrus is yet again making a departure from her country roots and heading back to the weird and wonderful "Wrecking Ball" days. And for more ways to celebrate celebrity antics of the past year, check out these 40 Funniest Celebrity Instagram Posts of 2018.

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