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20 Budget-Friendly and Stylish Mudroom Ideas

It's the first thing you see when you walk in, so make it fun!

In some experts' opinions, your mudroom is the most important room in your house. It's the first space you see when you come home and head out, which means it sets the tone for your day. Not to mention, it's the first place guests see when they arrive. So, you'll want to find mudroom ideas that make it functional and stylish—but that doesn't mean you need to break the bank. Keep reading for interior designers' and other home professionals' best tips for building or decorating an affordable mudroom that you'll want to come home to all the time.

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Consider your needs.

man crouching while helping boy in wearing jacket at home. Father dressing up son before going out of house.

Before you design or purchase anything, you'll need to think about your lifestyle.

"Maybe you've got a big family, and you need individual lockers for each kid, or you're an avid gardener, and you need a place to store your tools and kick off your muddy boots," says Luke Kinser, managing partner at Virginia Builders. "Or maybe you're a pet owner who wants a convenient spot to wash off your doggy after a romp in the park."

All of these things can be incorporated into your space, even if it looks a little different from the neighbors' mudroom. It's about creating a space that works for you!

Make it durable.

man installing wood grain tile floor

If you're starting from scratch or adding new features, you should also consider durability.

"A mudroom takes a beating, so you need materials that can stand up to daily wear and tear," says Kinser." Forget the plush carpet or the delicate hardwood—think tile, vinyl, and other surfaces that can handle muddy boots and wet umbrellas without breaking a sweat."

Start with a bench.

Brown wood bench with a touch of classy decor

A good place to begin your decor process is with a bench. "A long built-in one is a must for us, as it doubles as a convenient drop zone for groceries and other items when you need a temporary place to put things while removing shoes and jackets," says Michelle Poitras, principal interior designer at Lucien Marie Design.

Bonus points if it looks beautiful: Pretty upholstery or a fun paint color can go a long way.

Include storage underneath the bench.

A small entrance mudroom with hooks for hanging jackets and hats, as well as a bench
Ursula Page / Shutterstock

Don't let the space under the bench go to waste. "Adding individual shoe storage drawers below the bench is great for homes with multiple family members, including children," says Poitras. "When everyone has their own drawer, it makes it easier to keep shoes organized."

The bench could also lift up to reveal storage, or you could slide bins or baskets underneath to add some if it's not built in.

Use fun hooks.

Coat Rack with Accessories

Hooks make it easy to hang the jackets and bags you're currently using—and they don't have to be boring.

"Colorful hooks can add a playful touch," says Elissa Hall, founder and interior designer at EDH Interiors. You can also hang them on a rail that's painted a cool color.

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Put up statement-making paint or wallpaper.

Mudroom entryway in new house

Because mudrooms are typically self-contained, they provide a fun opportunity to use a statement wallpaper or bold paint color you might not use somewhere else in your home.

If you need ideas, start with your favorite color (just look at how gorgeous this olive green is!) or flip through wallpaper samples to find one that speaks to you.

Bring in freestanding furniture.

Scandinavian vintage wood cabinet with chair by a dark blue wall

It can add extra storage. "If you have the square footage, a freestanding pantry cabinet is handy for coats and cleaning supplies," says Justin White, a contractor and garage remodel expert at Overhead Doors.

Add vertical storage.

A mudroom with a dark wood floor and bench, white built-in cabinets and organization, and shiplap mounted on the wall.
Joseph Hendrickson / Shutterstock

If you don't have built-ins, this is another way to get more storage. "Suspending shelf boards from the ceiling opens up floor space while keeping everything organized," says White.

Include a mirror.

mudroom in new home

If your mudroom is the last room you use when you leave your home, a mirror could help you check your outfit and hair for any tweaks. Whether it's an accent mirror or a full-length one that fits over the door is up to you and your space.

Put down a statement rug.

Corridor with large windows rug runner

It's another way to show off your personality. "Putting in place statement rugs with bold patterns or unusual door mats will also add playfulness to the area," says Nitya Seth, interior designer at organizational firm NITYANAMYA.

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Make friends with your label maker.

label maker and white label
Shutterstock/Ulf Wittrock

"It's necessary to have specific places where things are put like shoes, coats, bags, and keys so an accumulation of clutter can be avoided," says Seth. "By utilizing labeled bins or baskets and cubbies for each family member, it may become easier to locate these items when needed as well as keep them in better order."

In other words, it makes it tougher for the kids to say, "I had no idea where to put this!"

Add a chalkboard.

closeup of a house-shaped chalkboard with the text home sweet home written in it and a bunch of lavender flowers in a flower pot, against a rustic pale blue background

"Add a chalkboard wall for family messages, calendars, grocery lists, or kids' drawings," suggests Jodi Peterman,
 CEO and owner of Elizabeth Erin Designs. "It's a fun and practical feature that everyone will enjoy." You could also use chalkboard paint if you want to go all in.

Create a zone for your pet.

Bowl of dry kibble dog food and dog's paws and neb over grunge wooden floor

Many of the home experts we chatted with suggested a pet area with a built-in wash station. It makes it easier to clean off muddy paws before cats or dogs trek dirt throughout your home. Since a mudroom typically has easy-to-clean floors, it may also make sense to give your pet their meals there, too.

Build a rock climbing wall.

A smiling pre teen girl looking down while she reaches the top of a rock climbing wall gym.

Consider an element no one else will have! "How about incorporating the kids' favorite hobby into the design?" asks White. "A rock climbing wall along one side transforms dull walls into a playground—one client even installed an indoor putting green!"

Include vintage finds.

home entry improve home value

A trip to the flea market could give your laundry room a unique element. "I always love it when homeowners get imaginative by repurposing unique vintage pieces," says Eric Bramlett, realtor and owner of Bramlett Real Estate. "A retro locker or dresser finds new life housing supplies and really transforms the vibe."

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Make a mudroom-laundry room hybrid.

laundry room-mudroom hybrid
Sheila Say / Shutterstock

"Picture this: After a wet day, you can effortlessly transfer damp clothes straight into the dryer upon entering," says Danny Margagliano, owner of Destin Property Expert. "This multi-functional arrangement not only promotes a tidier home but also simplifies laundry chores."

Use a cool light fixture.

brass lamp dated decor
Pexels/Francesco Paggiaro

An interesting light fixture, like a chandelier, basket pendant, or globe, can bring visual interest to the higher parts of the room. "It adds personality to the space," says Shaun Green, designer and founder of The Furniture Shack.

Hang a wall of hooks for guests.

A newly remodeled back door entry way with mudroom with built-in storage painted cabinet closet in white. The room is featuring coat hangers wall, with shoes storage and seating facilities and tile floor. Photographed in horizontal format.

"We've all experienced having guests over and nowhere to store all their coats," says Anna Tatsioni, lead interior designer at Decorilla. "This space is the perfect place to solve this issue—you can dedicate a section of wall that's close to the door specifically for guests' coats and bags, this can also help to keep them separate from the family's everyday items and avoid clutter."

Install a utility sink.

Pure water flows from faucet in kitchen. Water purification filter concept

Let's face it: Mudrooms get muddy. "Adding a utility sink to the area can make cleaning up much easier, as you can wash off any stains or shoes before you go to the main area," says Ivo Iv, founder and CEO of Decor Home Ideas. "Don't forget to add some towels, too."

Cozy it up with string lights.

gray mudroom with twinkly lights and white boots on a wooden bench
Dariusz Jarzabek / Shutterstock

These are just fun! "String lights above tie it all together and make the space cozy even on dreary days," says Crystal Olenbush, real estate expert at

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