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23 Brilliant Garage Storage Ideas That Will Free Up So Much Space

Experts share their best advice for turning this dumping ground into an organized oasis.

Garages can quickly go from a place where you park your car to a dumping ground for all the miscellaneous items you have lying around your home. Before you know it, your space has become a disorganized mess of sports equipment, cleaning supplies, power tools, holiday decorations, and more. But if you're finally ready to get your garage in order, we talked to experts to get their advice on the best way to do just that. Read on for their 23 best garage storage ideas that will free up so much space.

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8 Best Garage Storage Ideas

Three car garage attached to a home in a residential community. The garage is very neat and clean. It is well organized with shelves, bicycle racks,a work area and storage cabinets. It also has a flat screen tv on the wall. there are no cars in the garage. Daytime shot taken with a Canon 5D Mark 3 camera. rm

If you're looking at your messy garage with no idea where to start, don't fret. There are some easy solutions that can quickly clear up all the stuff you have in there, and make the space feel much more manageable. Don't believe us? Try these eight garage storage ideas, straight from the top experts.

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1. Seek out overhead storage for seasonal items.

When you're dealing with a disorganized garage, it often feels like you can barely get out of your car, much less walk around. That's why Jay Sanders, licensed contractor and owner of Castle Dream Construction in Baltimore, is a big advocate for overhead storage solutions.

"Racks or platforms close to the ceiling free up precious floor space," he says. "They are great for long-term storage of seasonal items, bulky things you rarely need, or general clutter."

2. Make room with wall-mounted shelving and cabinets.

Home suburban car garage interior with wooden shelf , tools and equipment stuff storage warehouse on white wall indoors. Vehicle parked at house parking background

Even if you can't get close to your ceiling, creating storage on the walls can make things feel less cluttered immediately. Mattie Sheppard, strategic interior design and cleaning advisor at Real Estate Bees, recommends using wall-mounted shelving and cabinets to store your tools and sports equipment.

"This will help to keep the floor clear," she notes.

3. Consider other shelving solutions, too.

Shelving in general is one of the best options out there, Jeff Palla, home expert and president of Mr. Handyman, tells Best Life.

Whether you're looking at free standing, adjustable, or custom shelves, most are "versatile and can be tailored to fit various needs," according to Palla.

"Freestanding shelves are easy to assemble and move, adjustable shelves can fit items of different sizes, and custom shelves are built to suit specific requirements, offering long-lasting and sturdy storage solutions," he explains.

4. Or invest in a modular storage system.

If you're looking for a step beyond just shelves, Sheppard says modular storage systems are also "versatile and customizable," making them a good choice for homeowners who may want to switch things up in the future.

"Modular systems allow you to adjust shelves, cabinets, and bins according to your changing storage needs," she shares.

5. Use vertical bike racks.

People hang bicycle on wall office diverse mix race group businesspeople casual wear

If you're looking to free up even more floor space, your bikes should also move up to the walls. That way you never have to worry about tripping over a tire again.

"Vertical bike racks help keep them out of the way, reducing damage and making your garage more navigable," Sanders says.

6. Pick up some pegboards.

Various carpentry tools in a garage on pegboard

Another one of Sanders' favorite garage storage ideas involves the use of pegboards, which are "versatile and customizable," he says.

"You can easily move hooks, bins, and shelves as your needs change, making pegboards ideal for storing tools, sporting equipment, or crafting supplies," he adds.

Sheppard also considers pegboards to be one of her favorite storage solutions. She says these are best for frequently used items such a hand tools or gardening supplies.

"Pegboards keep everything visible and within reach," she points out.

7. Utilize clear bins.

Don't be afraid to get down to the basics when it comes to organizing your garage. Clear bins can serve as a convenient place for you to put all the stuff you don't have a designated space for, according to Ryan Eiesland, professional organizer and co-founder of Home Sort.

Eiesland specifically recommends mDesign's clear bins, which she says are "fresh and clean and show everything inside for easy function." She often uses them in garages she works on in her job as a professional organizer.

"These clear bins work in every space and look great," Eiesland gushes. "They are easy to clean, and with the variety of sizes, they can be placed well everywhere."

8. Keep the floor clean.

But the best idea for anyone looking to create a more functional storage system in their garage is to simply keep the floor clean, according to certified virtual organizing professional Nicole Gabai.

"Get almost everything off the floor—yes, that means bikes, chairs, brooms, mops, rakes, toys, your tire pump—everything," she stresses. "The only things I recommend leaving on the floor are large machinery, like a wet vac or lawnmower."

7 DIY Garage Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Female craftsmen use tape measure to assemble wooden pieces. Professional carpenter at work measuring wooden planks.

When you're working with a smaller garage space overall, you might need to get a bit more creative with your organization efforts. If you're willing to put in some work, check out these seven DIY garage storage solutions that are ideal for small spaces.

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1. Create a PVC pipe tool organizer.

Worker cutting pvc pipe in construction site

PVC pipes are a perfect tool for DIYers. To store things in your garage, Sheppard suggests creating a PVC pipe tool organizer.

"Cut the pipes into sections and mount them on a board to create a convenient tool rack," she says.

2. Make wall-mounted jars.

Just a few jars can also make all the difference in your garage, according to Sanders.

"Make wall-mounted jars by attaching the lids to the underside of shelves or cabinets," he advises. "These can then be used to store small items like screws, nails, or even craft supplies."

3. Save space with shoe organizers.

The best DIY solutions can be as simple as using an item for something other than intended. Take hanging shoe organizers, for example. Sheppard says those with clear pockets can be utilized in your garage to store smaller items such as spray paint cans, gardening gloves, or car cleaning supplies.

4. Look into pallet projects.

Polishing of wooden pallet on a production line

There are so many ideas online for how DIY enthusiasts can repurpose old wood pallets—and when it comes to garage storage, Sanders says there are plenty of pallet projects that can create more organization in your space.

"Repurposed pallets can be transformed into shelving units, tool organizers, or even a simple potting bench," he says.

5. Try repurposing other materials.

Young handywoman searching some working tools on a wooden shelves in the workshop. Concept of organization in home workshop or storage

It's not just pallets that can come in handy. Sheppard recommends using old crates or leftover lumber to build shelves, cubbies, or storage bins.

"The materials can easily be repurposed and tailored to fit your space's specific dimensions," she says.

6. Create a frame for your plastic bins.

A few 2×4 pieces of wood can also help you create a frame to hold your plastic tote bins, according to Nick Valentino, home expert and vice president of market operations for Bellhop.

"This lets you access each individual bin without having to move a whole stack," he says. "This approach is efficient, modular, and affordable, especially if you're handy."

7. Make use of magnetic strips.

But you don't have to create entire storage solutions yourself. Something as simple as magnetic strips can make your garage neat and tidy.

"Attach magnetic strips to the walls or underside of shelves to hold metal tools and hardware," Sheppard advises.

8 Garage Organization Ideas for Anyone on a Budget

This photograph is of a garage lined with shelves full of things stored at home including, tools, cleaning supplies, holiday decorations and sporting equipment. The garage door is open.

Whether you're buying fancy new systems or getting too wrapped up with materials for your DIY projects, upgrading your garage storage can end up costing you a pretty penny. But you don't have to spend a lot to make your space more manageable. If you're trying to be more cost-effective, consider these eight garage organization ideas that are great for anyone on a budget.

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1. Decide what to prioritize.

Shot of a man carrying a box in a garage

If you're working with a tight budget, preparation is the key to keeping things cheap. That means you need to prioritize what you actually want to keep and find a space for in your garage, according to Sanders.

"Get rid of unused items before investing in storage solutions," he suggests. "Less stuff equals less need for expensive systems."

2. Focus on the basics.

Fancy storage systems can be a nice solution for a messy garage, but they're not necessary in most cases. Instead, Sanders says those on a budget should consider sticking to the basics.

"Bins, totes, and a few simple shelves can go a long way," he says.

3. Opt for free-standing shelving units.

If you do want new shelves in your garage but still don't want to break the bank, Palla says free-standing shelving is the way to go.

"These units are relatively inexpensive and come in various sizes, making them accessible for anyone on a budget," he explains. "They are considered a cheaper option, because they can be found easily at home improvement stores and do not require professional installation."

4. Don't be afraid to shop used.

Furniture in a second hand warehouse

You don't need the newest organization options either—most hand-me-down items will have the same effect in your garage.

"Check online marketplaces or thrift stores for shelving, cabinets, and storage bins at a fraction of the cost of buying new," Sanders recommends.

Not finding what you need there? Sheppard also suggests turning to other people's garages for your own garage organization, as garage and yard sales often have affordable storage solutions available for purchase.

5. Or use what you already have.

Your house might already have the organizational tools you need. In that case, forget about both the expensive storage solutions and thrift stores finds, and go the free route with your own belongings.

"Reuse old bins, buckets, and jars to store smaller items instead of purchasing new organizers," Sheppard says.

6. Find ways to repurpose furniture.

The worker sets a new handle on the white cabinet with a screwdriver installing kitchen cabinets

The things you take from your home don't have to start out as organizational objects either. You can turn them into that.

"Old dressers or armoires can be transformed into functional garage storage," Sanders points out.

Damien Rush, home renovation expert and owner of Unique Stairways, recommends taking into account any old cabinets you might not need anymore as well.

"These can be repurposed and mounted on garage walls," he explains.

7. Make use of free resources.

When you don't have a lot of money to spend on your garage storage, it's not a bad idea to seek out any help you can get.

"Take advantage of free resources like online tutorials, community workshops, or borrowing tools from neighbors to complete DIY projects without additional expenses," Sheppard advises.

8. Don't waste your money on bad storage.

Another way you can avoid unwanted expenses is by knowing what you shouldn't be using for garage storage. Gabai's expert advise?

"Do not use cardboard boxes in the garage," she cautions.

According to Gabai, cardboard boxes are a waste of money that you might need to replace in a few years anyway. They can also create other problems in your home that you may end up needing to pay to fix.

"Cardboard boxes deteriorate over time and create a buffet for rodents and other critters," she warns.

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Why Is Good Garage Storage Important?

middle aged couple cleaning garage
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While the mere idea of an uncluttered space is appealing enough for some people, having good garage storage is crucial for several reasons. The main perk? It increases the safety of your space, according to Sheppard.

"A cluttered garage increases the risk of accidents and injuries caused by tripping over objects or falling items," she notes. "Organized storage reduces hazards and enhances safety."

Your belongings are safer when things are not cluttered, too.

"Properly storing items in a garage protects them from weather damage, theft, and deterioration, prolonging their lifespan," Sheppard says.

Not only that, but if you ever plan to sell your home, the work you've put in to create better storage can help you out as well, according to Sheppard.

"A well-organized garage adds value to your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers, and improving overall curb appeal," she adds.

Wrapping Up

That's all for our brilliant garage storage ideas, but be sure to check back with us soon for more tips on organizing your home, and otherwise improving your space.

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