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"Stranger Things" Star Shares Heartbreaking Video, Deletes Social Media

Through tears, Millie Bobby Brown shared a frightening fan story that really shook her up.

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the most popular young actors working right now. The 16 year old broke out with her starring role as Eleven on Stranger Things, and is now headlining movies like this year's Enola Holmes. But being a celebrity at such a young age has plenty of drawbacks, including being approached by pushy people while out in public. In a tear-filled now-expired video on her Instagram Story, Brown talked about a scary fan encounter. And just before posting it, she also deleted her TikTok account, possibly in search of more privacy and positivity in her life.

As reported by Cosmopolitan, Brown posted a video on her Instagram Story on Monday, Nov. 30 in which she told a story about shopping with her mom when a girl approached her and asked if she was Millie Bobby Brown. After telling her yes, Brown explained, "She said, 'Can I take a video of you?' I said, 'Um, no.' But why would anyone want to be taken a video of? Of me?! It's not like of the both of us." She added, "I don't need to justify it to anyone. If I don't want to be taken a video of, I don't have to be."

When Brown and her mother were paying, the young actor noticed that the girl was taking a video of her anyway. "I said, 'I'm a human being. Like, what more can I ask from you?'" Brown continued. "She said, 'So I can't take a video of a human being?' And I said, 'No, not when I said no.'" At that point in the video, Brown started crying.

She went on to explain why she decided to post the video, and it seems like it may be connected to why she deleted her TikTok account. Read on to find out more, and for more on stars who struggle with being in the public eye, check out 17 Major Celebrities Who Actually Hate the Spotlight.

Brown says it's all about respecting boundaries.

millie bobbi brown posts selfie on Instagram while shopping
Millie Bobbi Brown / Instagram

"It just makes me upset when people try to push the boundary," Brown said in the video. "I just wish people were more respectful. I'm still trying to navigate this all and it's still overwhelming."

Brown clarified that she doesn't mind taking pictures with fans; she minds when people don't respect her. "I will take a picture with you, but when you push the boundary and you try and fight me on it…" she trailed off and shrugged, ending her video.

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Brown wants to make sure her fans respect celebrities as human beings.

Millie Bobby Brown at the Stranger Things season 3 premiere
Tsuni-USA /

Brown said she wanted to share the encounter with her 40 million Instagram followers to provide a lesson for those who need to hear it. "I'm making this video to say you have to show more respect for others. No matter who they are, what they do, show respect human being to human being," Brown said.

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She said she felt "uncomfortable and disrespected."

Stranger Things cast at the season 3 premiere
Kathy Hutchins /

After posting the video, Brown shared an update on her Instagram Story to let her fans know how she was doing. "I am totally fine now," she wrote. "But was emotional in the moment because I felt uncomfortable and disrespected. It's important to set your boundaries and to speak up. I love you guys. Be kind to one and other! xx."

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Brown also recently deleted her TikTok account.

Millie Bobby Brown Instagram post
Millie Bobby Brown/Instagram

It seems like Brown might be having a particularly hard time with some of the more stressful aspects of being in the public eye right now.

On Nov. 29, the day before she posted her Instagram video, Brown deleted her TikTok account. Seventeen reported that it could be because she was receiving hate on the social media platform. Not long after the account was taken down, she posted a note on her Instagram Story that read, "Realizing that surrounding yourself with positivity is the happiest way of living! No hate & only love ❤️ remember to be kind."

And her Stranger Things family has her back.

A tweet from the writers of Stranger Things

E! News reported that after Brown posted her video, the Stranger Things writers Twitter account tweeted a positive message that could have been inspired by Brown's words: "Be kind to others. Find compassion. Wear a mask. All those things cost zero dollars and take zero energy."

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