This Couple Has Been Married for 70 Years and Their Marriage Advice is Priceless

They don't keep secrets from each other. Or do they?

Too often it can feel like a grim world out there for everlasting love. But thankfully for the rest of us, John and Celia House didn't get the memo.

The couple from Bournemouth, England, took the plunge 70 years ago while the two were serving together in the British Royal Navy. (Yes, during World War II.) They got married in secret, despite any potential repercussions from their superiors. Today, they're still hopelessly head-over-heels for each other, and to mark their major matrimonial milestone—in addition to getting a letter from the Queen—a crew for the BBC caught up with the couple for a quick interview.

"When she smiles, the whole world bursts into sunshine—and that I cannot resist," says John. "He's a real action man and I love him with all my heart," says Celia.

So, what's the secret to their enduring love?

"We speak to each other about everything. We haven't got many secrets," he said, before adding: "Not that I know of." Naturally, Celia had a response lined up: "I'm not telling you. I'll keep you guessing," she said. Cue the laughter.

OK, so it's not exactly the most groundbreaking advice. But watching these two lovebirds will definitely improve your day—and hopefully inspire your own relationship.

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