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Madonna Just Got Her First Tattoo and It's for All Her Kids

The Queen of Pop shared the whole process of getting her first ink on Instagram.

Madonna is know for being edgy when it comes to her style and her music, but there's one thing that she surprisingly hasn't tried until now: getting inked. As she shared on Instagram on Monday, Dec. 7, Madonna just got her first tattoo. The legendary singer went for a small, simple design on her wrist, and it's one that has a lot of significance. Read on to see Madonna's first tattoo, and for more on what she's been up to lately, check out Madonna Just Posted a Rare Photo of Her Big, Happy Family.

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Madonna's first tattoo

Madonna tattoo

Madonna's tattoo is of the letters "LRDMSE," the first initials of her six children, in order from oldest to youngest: Lourdes, Rocco, David, Mercy, and twins Stella and Estere. The 62-year-old pop star and mom captioned her Instagram post, "Inked for The Very First Time" and used the hashtag "#family."

The pop star shared the whole process of getting the tattoo in her Instagram post. You can see the pink-haired mom of six coming up with the design with her tattoo artist, East Iz, and laying down on a table while getting inked at Shamrock Social Club in Los Angeles.

Madonna is far from the only celebrity to have a tattoo in honor of her children, of course. Here are five more celebrities who showed their love with ink.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie at 2009 Oscars
Everett Collection /

Like Madonna, Angelina Jolie has six children. In honor of them, she has the coordinates of each of their birth locations on her upper arm. She also has the coordinates of ex-husband Brad Pitt's birthplace of Shawnee, Oklahoma. The tattoo replaced another Jolie used to have for her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton, a dragon with his name. And for more on Angelina's brood now, check out 15 Celebrity Kids Who Are All Grown Up Now.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen birthdates tattoo
Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen has multiple tattoos in honor of her children. She has one that reads "john luna miles" in script, for her husband, John Legend, and children, Luna and Miles. Legend has a similar one that reads "chrissy luna miles." Teigen also has a tattoo with the birthdates of her parents, Legend, and her kids. And, most recently, she and Legend got tattoos in honor of Jack, the son they lost—it's his name in script on their wrists. And for more on Teigen's recent loss, check out Chrissy Teigen Just Explained Why She Shared Photos of the Son She Lost.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore tattoo
Drew Barrymore/Instagram

Drew Barrymore kept it simple with her tattoo for her kids. On her wrist she has a tattoo that reads "Olive and Frankie" in a style that makes it look like she just wrote it on with a Sharpie. When she shared the tattoo on Instagram, Barrymore wrote, "Getting a great little lifetime note on my arm."

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Matt Damon

Matt Damon tattoo

Matt Damon has his four daughters' names tattooed on his upper arm: Alexia, Isabella, Gia, and Stella. The tattoos are placed near one he already had in honor of his wife, Luciana Barroso, which reads "Lucy."

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba tattoos
Jessica Alba/Instagram

Rather than getting her children's names tattooed, Jessica Alba opted to get tattoos of the constellations that represent their zodiac signs. She has the Gemini constellation for Honor, Leo for Haven, and Capricorn for Hayes. And for more on when Alba broke on to the scene, check out The Biggest '00s TV Teen Idols, Then and Now.

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