If You Shop at Macy's, Get Ready for This "Ideal" Upgrade, Starting Oct. 1

It's just one of the ongoing changes you'll notice at your local department store.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic introduced a new series of challenges for retailers, department stores were on the decline. Consumer habits changed thanks to the introduction of online shopping and social media, which limited the need to browse in-store. Even a brand as iconic as Macy's, which has been in business for 164 years, hasn't been immune to the effects of the evolving modern shopper. But the historic department store is doing its best to keep up with the times, and will soon be introducing an "ideal" new upgrade, which you may want to take advantage of. Read on to find out what you'll have access to, starting Oct. 1.

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Macy's has been making moves in different departments.

Macy's department store interior, bags and accessories area on September 10, 2016 in New York. Macy is the largest U.S. department store company.

Macy's has been actively updating its business model over the past several months. In May, the retailer announced that it would be adding 10 new "Market by Macy's" stores in 2022. The stores are about one-fifth of the size of a standard Macy's, and have been successful in attracting both new and existing customers, prompting the decision to expand.

Those aren't the only additions. Plans to open up Toys 'R' Us shops in all Macy's stores were unveiled in July. At the time, 500 of these store-in-stores were open across the U.S., and all locations are set to be operating by Oct. 15.

Since 2018, Macy's has also been expanding its beauty department. According to Retail Dive, Macy's currently leads the pack among beauty retailers, and is thought to be outpacing both Sephora's and Nordstrom's online channels. Macy's has upped its share of beauty merchants, and you might have noticed new perfumes and hair products while shopping lately. Now, the retailer is going a step further with a new makeup line.

You might recognize this big-name beauty brand.

kylie cosmetics website
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Whether you love, hate, or love to hate the Kardashian family, you can't deny the success of their brands. One of these labels, Kylie Cosmetics, founded by Kylie Jenner, will be increasing its reach and available to buy at Macy's.

A limited-edition Holiday Collection goes on sale online and in select Macy's stores on Oct. 1, featuring "a cheerful array of cosmetic products, decorative gift sets, and festive ornaments that serve as the ideal gifts for friends, family and beauty lovers during the festive season," according to a Sept. 20 press release announcing the partnership.

"We are excited to launch Kylie Cosmetics at Macy's to allow more brand fans to shop and experience our products in-store across the country," Jenner stated in the release.

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More products will be added later this year.

kylie cosmetics display
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According to the press release, additional Kylie Cosmetics "core products" will be introduced in the winter. Customers will be able to shop for products like the Kylie Matte Lip Kit, the Kylie Matte liquid Lipstick, the Kylie High Gloss, and the Kylie Lip Shine Lacquer.

The full collection will be available to shop at Macy's in the spring of 2023.

"Kylie Cosmetics is a beauty powerhouse. We are thrilled to welcome their collections to Macy's and expand our ever-growing portfolio of beauty lines," Nicolette Bosco, vice president of beauty merchandising at Macy's, said in the press release. "Connecting our customers to brands that celebrate their own personal style is core to what we do here at Macy's and with their iconic product offerings and commitment to clean formulations, Kylie Cosmetics couldn't be a better example of that."

Keep an eye out for another beauty initiative in-stores.

beauty department macy's
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Clinique is classic beauty brand that has been partnered with Macy's since the '70s, Retail Dive reported. But this summer, that relationship expanded via The Clinique Lab.

The first retail concept space was opened in the Macy's at Herald Square in New York City on July 21, which was chosen for its "iconic nature and traffic," a Clinique spokesperson told Retail Dive. When visiting The Clinique Lab, shoppers receive personalized product recommendations after being analyzed with facial scanning software.

"Products are merchandised by classification and the center of the shop is anchored with a large discovery and experience table [where] our customer can discover on their own, learn through digital and virtual technology or consult with one of our specialized beauty advisers," the company said in a statement emailed to the outlet.

While Kylie Cosmetics will appear in select stores sooner, be on the lookout for The Clinique Lab. Per Retail Dive, the concept will be introduced to additional stores over the course of the next year.

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