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Lowe's Is Making This Big Change In Stores, Starting Today

You might notice something new the next time you go shopping.

Whether it's the harsh winter weather or the fast-spreading Omicron variant keeping you indoors, many of us having been spending more time in our houses than ever before. And this increased time spent at home has inspired many people to consider redecorating and renovating their space. Lowe's is a hotspot for these home improvement seekers, as they can find an assortment of items for the home, as well as appliances and tools. But the shopping experience inside this retail stores might look a little different now. Lowe's just announced a big change that has hit its locations across the U.S. Read on to find out what you can now find in your home improvement store.

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Lowe's is launching a new home decor brand.

Lowe's home improvement store cashier check out lanes, merchandise aisles, Peabody Massachusetts USA, May 5, 2018

On Feb. 3, Lowe's announced the launch of its own new home decor brand, Origin21. According to the announcement, this brand is intended to deliver "approachable, modern design for everyday living across the entire home." And it will be the retailer's first exclusive house brand in the modern home decor market, Forbes reported. The name was chosen to honor the year in which Lowe's was founded, 1921.

"The Origin21 program fits into our total home strategy," Marisa Thalberg, the executive vice president and chief branding and marketing officer for Lowe's, told Forbes. "This represents our next great step."

The brand is already available to shoppers both online and in stores.

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Lowe's CEO Marvin Ellison first publicized the home decor brand in Dec. 2021, CNBC reported at the time, but Origin21 was not available to shoppers until Feb. 3. The brand can now be found in the 2,000 U.S. Lowe's stores, as well as on the company's official website. The collection features a number of varying products, from faux plants and wall art to rugs and patio furniture.

But it appears as if there are already plans to extend the brand's offerings over time. "Available now, Origin21 products will initially include patio furniture and home décor accents alongside lighting, seasonal, outdoor living and lawn and garden items, with even more product assortment and styles to come," the Lowe's announcement states.

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Lowe's CEO said this brand was partly created because of the pandemic.

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In 2020 and 2021, Lowe's sales received a lift as people in the U.S. turned to fixing up their yards, tackling DIY projects, and redecorating during the pandemic, CNBC reported. Ellison told the news outlet that the pandemic has inspired people to invest more in their homes, which includes both millennials who are buying their first homes and baby boomers who are fixing up older homes. According to the company head, both the launch of new private labels like Origin21 and the creation of a more efficient process for repairs and maintenance—which drives about two-thirds of the company's sales—will expand Lowe's "share of wallet with both the DIY and pro customers."

"There's been a longer-term shift in the consumer mindset about the importance of the home," Ellison said. "Our view of the home is a sanctuary that may need to serve several multiple purposes: residence, office, school, gym, and a gathering place for indoor and outdoor entertainment. And given the extension of remote work, we're expecting a permanent step up in repair and maintenance cycle."

The retailer also recently partnered with a notable pet company.

Various cat food on shelves at a PETCO pet store

This is not the only change Lowe's has lined up for 2022, however. On Jan. 27, the company announced that it was partnering up with Petco for a new store-in-store concept. The pilot program will bring about small Petco shops in various Lowe's stores, which will allow shoppers to purchase Petco products and utilize some of the pet company's services while inside the home improvement retailer's own stores. The first of these stores is expected to open at the Lowe's in Alamo Ranch, Texas, sometime in early February. But there are already plans to expand the initial initiative to 14 additional Lowe's locations in Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina by the end of March.

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