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Lowe's Slammed for Unreliable Delivery Service: "Hours of Headaches"

A viral video sparked outrage about how Lowe's handles appliance deliveries.

Household appliances are an investment, which is why so many of us spend time researching and identifying the best washing machine, refrigerator, or oven to suit our needs. Lowe's has become one of the most popular destinations for these big-ticket purchases, thanks to its wide selection of brands, typically at competitive prices. Another amenity that these home improvement stores offer is home delivery service, saving you the hassle of getting a heavy (and expensive) appliance to your door on your own. However, when a customer took to TikTok to recount their poor experience with Lowe's delivery service, fellow shoppers chimed in to say that they've also had serious difficulties. Read on to find out why Lowe's customers say deliveries are unreliable.

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A viral video showed a botched Lowe's delivery.


Not a ring or a knock though I stayed home all day for a delivery. The only thing offered was a 10% off a future purchase though we have no plans for future large purchases. We were also not able to get back on the delivery schedule for days and days. @lowes

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On March 9, TikToker @michellegwynn85 posted a video seemingly taken from her video doorbell, with overlaid text that reads, "POV [point of view] you 'missed' your delivery window for Lowe's to deliver your new washing machine."

In the video—which has 12.8 million views and 1.2 million likes—a Lowe's truck is shown driving up to the home, honking three times, and parking on the street. From there, a delivery driver runs out, places something on the door, and runs back to the truck, which then drives away.

"Not a ring or a knock though I stayed home all day for a delivery," the video's caption reads.

Shoppers said they've had the same problem with deliveries from Lowe's.

lowe's delivery truck
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The comment section was flooded with shoppers saying they had similar experiences with Lowe's delivery service. "Took 3 times to get my delivery," one complaint reads. "Hours of headaches."

"I watched lowes pull up, [walked] out to greet them, and they booked it," another commenter wrote. "Claimed I wasn't home. they didn't even get out of the truck."

"This happened to me with lowes twice," a separate comment reads. "Stayed home all day, no knock, no ring, not even a note on the door."

Yet another shopper offered a word of caution: "Do not order from lowes. I ordered a fridge and they kept rescheduling the delivery date. We finally rented a trailer to pick up ourselves."

Some commenters argued that these experiences may not be representative of Lowe's business model as a whole, while others said they now plan to avoid the company's delivery service altogether.

"I won't be getting anything from Lowes that would need to be delivered…Was this video helpful? YES," a commenter wrote, while another added, "Good to know. We're about to move and will be ordering a refrigerator, washer, and dryer. Will definitely not order from lowes after seeing this."

Best Life reached out to Lowe's for comment on the video and subsequent complaints, and will update the story with their response.

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It's not clear why the delivery went awry in the first place.

lowe's delivery truck parked
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There was some debate over why the delivery mishap occurred, with many commenters alleging that it was because Lowe's uses a third-party delivery service.

"Lowes third-party delivery is killing their business single-handedly," a commenter wrote.

However, others insisted that the driver was a Lowe's employee, as he was driving a Lowe's truck. Lowe's website does not clearly state whether they use a third party for deliveries, but they do disclose that third-party services are used for certain appliance installations.

For her part, @michellegwynn85 said in a follow-up video that Lowe's did call her husband ahead of the delivery, but he was unable to answer while at work. As her number was not the primary contact listed on the account, she didn't receive a call on her phone. Still, the TikTok user says that shouldn't have prevented them from knocking or notifying her that they had arrived.

"I didn't know I had to answer the phone to be able to answer the door," she said in the follow-up video.

She ended up canceling her order from Lowe's.

lowe's store
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In the original video's caption, @michellegwynn85 said that after the incident, they were unable to reschedule their delivery for "days and days," and Lowe's resolution was a 10 percent discount on a future purchase, "even though we have no plans for future large purchases."

In the aftermath, the TikToker canceled her order and bought a washing machine from a local appliance store instead.

Lowe's did respond in the comment section of the video, asking @michellegwynn85 to send the company a direct message so that they could "escalate this situation for further review."

In the follow-up video, @michellegwynn85 confirmed that she and her husband did speak with a Lowe's representative, who "apologized profusely" for the mishap—but wasn't aware of the viral TikTok.

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