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This Popular Discount Grocery Chain Is Closing Locations, Starting July 31

You might need to do your weekly grocery shopping elsewhere next month.

Regardless of how often you go grocery shopping, you probably have a favorite store that you frequent. Becoming familiar with a supermarket and knowing where to find all the items on your list makes shopping and checkout a breeze. But if you're a fan of one popular discount grocery chain, you might be disheartened to learn that it's closing locations, which could leave you on the lookout for a new affordable option. Read on to find out which chain is shuttering stores, and whether or not your local market will be affected.

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Multiple grocery store chains have announced closures this year.

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Across the country, different grocery stores have announced they would be closing stores, citing reasons ranging from rental agreements to reports of burglary.

On June 3, Sprouts Farmers Market, a regional chain with locations in almost half of U.S. states, closed two San Francisco Bay Area stores and a market in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Dustin Hamilton, regional vice president for the chain, told The Mercury News that the decision to close the California locations was "difficult." Hamilton said that the company opted to close these stores in light of both leases being up and "the proximity" of nearby Sprouts locations.

Whole Foods also closed six locations in Alabama, California, Massachusetts, and Illinois this year, with a spokeswoman again stating that the decision was difficult, but that it followed an evaluation of performance and growth potential. Aldi, on the other hand, left shoppers in Chicago "flabbergasted" when a store was closed with no warning on June 12. The grocery chain later explained that the location was closed due to "repeated burglaries and declining sales."

But if loyal Aldi shoppers were shocked about the Chicago closing, shoppers at another discount supermarket chain might be similarly stunned.

You won't be able to buy groceries at these locations.

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Lidl, a German-based chain known for its affordable prices and quality grocery products, was first introduced to the U.S. in 2017, the company website states. But not all of its locations will still be operational next month.

The first location being shuttered is in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, which will be shut down for good on July 31, Jessica Shangle, public relations specialist for Lidl, told Best Life via email. The store opened its doors during Lidl's first year in the U.S., on June 15, 2017, making it one of the first five Lidl locations in North Carolina, WRAL Smart Shopper reported.

Another Lidl store in Danville, Virginia, is closing on July 31, Shangle confirmed. This location has also been in operation since 2017, opening after the Rocky Mount location in September, the Danville Register & Bee reported.

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Stores were found to be "underperforming" within Lidl's network.

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The "difficult decision" to close both Lidl stores was made after performance evaluations, Shangle said, which officials conduct periodically.

"These were both underperforming locations within our strongly growing store network and we made a strategic decision to close these locations so we can focus on the locations where we are seeing significant growth," Shangle said.

She further confirmed that all team members and employees at the Danville and Rocky Mount Lidl stores will be able to relocate to another store in the company's network. The chain currently operates approximately 150 stores up and down the East Coast, according to the company's website.

There may be some benefits for local shoppers.

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If one of these locations was your go-to shopping spot, news of the closures is likely disappointing—but it's not all bad news.

According to Shangle, shoppers will have the opportunity to take advantage of sales at the Danville and Rocky Mount Lidl stores before they shut down. "Starting July 28, we will be offering discounts on items throughout both stores," she told Best Life.

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