Why Real-Life Wonder Woman Jessie Graff Is the Butt-Kicking Superhero We Need

Hollywood's favorite stunt double is having a moment.

As much as we love the onscreen Wonder Woman, played by Israeli goddess Gal Gadot—who pummels and lassoes her way into the theaters this weekend amid a wave of positive reviews—we'd like to take a moment to tip our caps to her real-life, lesser-known counterpart: accomplished stuntwoman, American Ninja Warrior competitor, and social media sensation Jessie Graff. Earlier this week, Graff became the first woman to ever complete stage 2 on the wildly popular show. Here's a clip of her ridiculous running and climbing performance:

But Graff's been around for some time. Before her breakout moment on national TV, she was famous in fitness circles and well-known in Hollywood for her work in films like The Dark KnightLive Free or Die Hard, and X-Men: First Class. On top of that, she's become something of a social media sensation. On Instagram, where she has 230K followers, she routinely posts a combination of her jaw-dropping gym feats and beautifully stylized and stunning magazine shoots. Check out a sampling that we've included right here. And if you want to get in shape enough to pull off some of her modern-day warrior moves, steal the ancient workout of Genghis Khan's warriors.

Here's Graff giving an object lesson in bouldering—and persistence.

New York City: it's been waiting for you.

It's officially beach season, and Graff has given us one more reason to pop on the swim trunks and kick it in the sun.

She has a pet pig named Sammo Hog. And they train together. Be still, our beating hearts.

Graff can do her fingers what most people can't do with their entire upper body.

Well, clearly this IRL stunt was inspired by Live Free or Die Hard—which, again, she kicked ass in as a stunt double.

Graff has a black belt in Taekwondo, and is trained in six other forms of martial arts, so watch out.

You can see more of Jessie Graff and her ridiculous abs when the episode of American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. The World airs this Sunday, June 4th, on NBC, at 8pm EST.

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