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See Jennie Garth's Daughter in the Prom Dress She Made for Her

The actor put her sewing skills to work for her 18 year old's big night.

She once wore a dress for a school formal on Beverly Hills, 90210 that became iconic, and 30 years later, Jennie Garth's daughter headed off to her prom in a dress that Garth made herself. In an Instagram post on June 2, Garth shared photos of her daughter Lola Ray Facinelli on prom night and a story about why the 18-year-old wanted a homemade dress. Garth didn't realize at first that she would be the one sewing the gown.

Read on to see Lola's prom pictures and to find out why Garth felt so proud of her daughter on this day in particular.

Lola requested a homemade dress.

In her caption on Instagram, Garth explained that when Lola said she wanted to make her prom dress, that really meant that her mom would end up sewing it. "Ok, so tbh when my daughter said 'I wanna make my prom dress' she really meant 'Mom I want you to make my prom dress,'" Garth wrote. "Guys, sewing isn't my thing!! But somehow I pulled it off!"

The dress Garth made is a long black strapless column dress with a slit at the leg. In the photos, you can see that Lola accessorized it with a necklace, black sandals, and her prom corsage.

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Garth felt really proud of her daughter's decision.

Lola Ray Facinelli and friends sitting around a table on prom night
© Jennie Garth / Instagram

It made Garth happy that Lola would want to wear a dress she made rather than going out and buying one. "The thing is, she could have asked me to buy her some fancy dress but she wanted it to be homemade," the 49-year-old actor wrote. "She wanted that. I dunno, it just makes me proud. And it made her so proud to be able to say 'my Mom made my dress.' She looked beautiful, she felt beautiful…mission accomplished!"

Garth added a shoutout to her daughter and her date by tagging their Instagram accounts. "We had so much fun hosting this special night for you and your friends," she continued. "Next up ….graduation!"

Lola is one of Garth's three children with ex Peter Facinelli.

Peter Facinelli, Jennie Garth, and their three daughters
s_bukley /

Garth shares three kids with her ex-husband, Twilight actor Peter Facinelli. The couple were married from 2001 to 2013 and have three daughters: 18-year-old Lola, 23-year-old Luca Bella, and 14-year-old Fiona Eve. Garth is now married to actor Dave Abrams. When posting about Lola's prom, Garth also shared a photo of herself, Lola, and Abrams on her Instagram Story with a heart drawn around them.

In an interview with LaPalme magazine in 2017 (via Today), Facinelli said of his ex-wife, "People come into your life for a reason and relationships can change. Just because we aren't living together doesn't mean you can't love each other." He said of parenting together, "Anyone going through a breakup should know, kids need to see mom and dad happy. As long as they know they're happy, they know they will be."

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Garth recently opened up about raising older children.

Jennie Garth with her daughters at the Jennie Garth 40th Birthday Celebration in 2012
s_bukley /

With all of Garth's children now in their teens and 20s, she learning about a new phase of motherhood. In a May interview with Yahoo!'s So Mini Ways, Garth said, "I was just saying to Luca, my oldest, who's 23, 'You are the same age now that I was when I had you. So imagine your life—your fancy, fun-loving New York City life—with a baby.' She was like, 'Noooo, I don't want that.'"

She also said of raising daughters, specifically, "Three girls—three young women—it's a lot, especially right now, just with the energies of the world and being a woman. It's such an exciting time to be a woman right now, and I can feel that in them and they feel their options are endless and that there's just so much out there for them. And that's really exciting as a mom to see, and to sort of nurture in them that belief that the world is yours for the taking."

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