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Bookstore Tweets In Search Of Man Who Left Jar Of Bees, Goes Viral

#FindTheBeeGent may just be the most British hashtag ever.

In Mary Poppins' London, nannies emerge when the wind changes, bannisters can be slid up instead of down, and kites can fly up to the highest heights. But here's something that only sounds like it belongs in Poppins' world, even though it happened on Twitter. A "friendly gent" in a blue coat left a big jar of bees behind in the London Review Bookshop in Bloomsbury, and the shop called on Twitter to find him.

"If you were or are the friendly gent (blue coat) who was in the shop half an hour ago and left a big jar of bees on the table in the poetry section, please come back and reclaim your jar of bees," the bookshop's account tweeted. "If you aren't, please RT until we find him."

Actually, the bookshop determined that they might be wasps. But the #FindTheBeeGent hashtag had already taken off.

Either way, the tweet went massively viral, because it's the most British thing to have happened ever.

It amassed over 18,000 retweets in just three days. And soon enough, the jokes began to roll in.

Especially ones regarding the "hive mind" of the Internet.

And given that the jar of bees was left in the poetry section of the bookstore, it's only natural that there were some rhymes, as well.

The whole thing sounds like the kind of story you read in a creative writing workshop in college.

And some people think the so-called "bee gent" might very well be their soulmate, or at least the lead for a great romantic comedy.

Granted, it seems like the whole thing might have been a joke to begin with, based on the bookshop's follow-up tweets.

But even if it was all designed to remind us that physical bookstores still exist, we're here for that. And for more British/American humor, check this out: Survey That Says Most Americans Don't Recognize When British People Are Insulting Them.

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