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3 Ways Your Eyes Reveal Your Personality, According to a Face Reader

In Chinese face reading, your eyes connect to your heart—so they say a lot about you.

Body language can tell us a lot about a person. You might know that crossed arms can signal defensiveness or standing up straight and tall often demonstrates confidence. But to truly glean insight into someone, you may want to pay closer attention to their eyes. According to Kate Kali, a hypnotherapist, body language expert, and professional face reader, "In Chinese face reading, the eyes are connected to somebody's heart, and so it's how they express themselves."

Keep reading to hear from Kali about the three ways your eyes reveal your personality and how this can help you better understand those around you.

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One eye is more open than the other.

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In a TikTok video, where she goes by @kate__kali, the face-reading expert starts by explaining that in Chinese face reading, the face is split into two parts.

"The right side of the face shows how somebody expresses themselves in their career, in their public appearance… who they are when they're not by themselves," Kali says. "The left side of the face shows who somebody truly is, or maybe who somebody is once they've opened up."

Therefore, she says that if a person's right eye is more open, they're likely "more comfortable sharing themselves in their career or in their public persona." However, these people tend to become more guarded once you get to know them on an intimate level.

Kali then goes on to say that this works in reverse: "Oftentimes, I will meet people that have a more closed right eye, which means they can just be shy, but then once you get to know them, then they can open up quite easily."

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The inner canthus is pointed or round.

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The inner canthus is the corner of your eye near your nose where your upper and lower eyelids meet—and Kali says it "depicts how sharp or maybe how kind and round somebody is with their words."

For example, Kali shares that the inner canthus is sharper on her right eye, or the public side of her face.

"In my work and my public persona, I'm going to be quite sharp," she notes. And since it's more rounded on her personal side, she says she'll be more gentle with her kids and in intimate relationships.

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The undereye is discolored.

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Most people hate those pesky dark circles under the eye, and as it turns out, they could signal more than just a night of poor sleep.

Kali says that if you notice someone's undereye area is discolored, heavy, or baggy looking, "either their adrenals, their stress response, is on overdrive, or they have unshed tears, and quite literally, their kidneys are holding onto water."

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There are other facial features to be aware of.

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In a separate video, Kali shares the top facial features she looks at when reading someone's face.

First is wrinkles. Though she doesn't delve into all the intricacies of this, she says that "each line in each wrinkle actually correlates to either an uncompleted lesson of the past or possibly a repressed negative emotion that that person is not consciously aware of."

Then, she looks at a person's bony facial features, such as the chin, jawbone, and brow bone. "These are all indicative of someone's more masculine features, meaning like their willpower, their drive, their physicality."

While we can't speak to the scientific merit of Kali's advice, it's certainly interesting to consider.

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