How to Uber a Private Plane

A fleet of new companies make booking a private jet as easy as hailing a cab. This is your ticket to the new First Class.

As Uber has become the biggest transportation-industry disruptor since perhaps the locomotive, and even the first-class sections of commercial airlines are withering in services and shrinking in size, private-jet operators have seized a golden opportunity. A number of companies now offer the chance to book seats on a private or semiprivate plane, in as long as it takes you to tap a few keys on an app, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional charter (which can cost upward of $5,000 an hour). Here are five of the biggest contenders. For more on airlines, check out these 10 Things You're Doing That Will Get You Kicked Off an Airplane.

Jet Smarter

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Cost: $9,000 annual fee, with $1,000 initiation fee
What you get: Unlimited flights on your choice of 3,000 Gulfstream, Challenger or Falcon jets, bookable by app. You can fly on a pre-scheduled shuttle routes, book your own, or charter a jet anywhere in the world. It's backed by serious star power: Jay-Z and the Saudi royal family have reportedly invested, and the company recently named former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge to its Board of Directors.


Plane Window Predictions About the Future

Cost: No membership fee; flights priced individually.
What you get: Helicopter, seaplane, or semiprivate Gulfstream jet service to a number of destinations in the northeast, Miami and Palm Beach. Using the Blade app, you can join a pre-scheduled flight or crowdsource your own. We found a flight from New York City to the Hamptons, leaving in one hour, for $595, and a flight to Miami in a week for $2,250.


iceland flight deals

Cost: $1,950 per month, with a $1,000 initiation fee
What you get: Unlimited flights between the 12 West Coast cities on their roster, including Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay, Napa, Palm Springs and Los Vegas. All flights leave from private airports; a concierge greets you and escorts you to your plane, no waiting.


Cost: $9,700 per month (individual), $12,700 per month (plus one), $14,700 per month (corporate)
What you get: Two round trips on a Gulfstream IV between ClipperJet's cities, which include transcontinental flights. (A Corporate membership gives you four monthly flights.) In perhaps the best perk on this list, last-minute planning pays. If you book a seat within 24 hours of takeoff, you get it for free — it doesn't count against your monthly allotment. And if you don't use your monthly flights, you can roll them forward.

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