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Here Are the Wackiest Ways People Are Celebrating the Royal Wedding

The hoi polloi are having a ball anticipating the impending nuptials.

It's finally here! Windsor Castle is in a flurry of preparations for the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And even if you aren't one of the 2,600 members of the public that were invited to watch the ceremony, you can experience it via the magic of technology from the comfort of your own home.

While people all over the world are celebrating, this is a particularly big deal for the British, as well as for Americans, given that Markle is making history as the first American to marry into the royal family in 81 years.

On Instagram, people are sharing how they are celebrating the event of the year with the hashtag #royalwedding. Some are adorable, while others are a bit bizarre, but it's all in good fun.

And for the latest, inside scoop on the big day from our royals expert, check out 20 Things We Know About Harry and Meghan's Wedding.

Dressing Up the Streets

bunting in london for royal wedding.

London's Regent Street has been lined with Union Jacks to mark the royal event.

Dressing Up the Kids

little girl dressed up as princess for royal wedding.

A lot of nurseries invited the kids to dress up as "princes" and "princesses" on Friday. One little boy went as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, and won the hearts of everyone on the Internet.

Dressing Up the Dogs

dog dressed up in wedding gown for royal wedding

Hopefully they get a treat afterwards. For more on why dogs put up with nonsense like this, check out Why Dogs Need Us As Much As We Need Them.

Dressing Up the Cats

cat dressed in tiara for royal wedding.

The cats would like to be put down now, please. To find our more about our feline friends, read 20 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Your Cat.

Making Scones

sconces baked for royal wedding

If you're hosting a party, traditional English scones with Devonshire cream and jam are an absolute must.

Baking Cakes

elderflower cake for royal wedding

It might not be the one being served at the wedding, but you can make your own version of an elderflower and lemon curd layer cake with raspberry decoration and a white chocolate drizzle. And for more on what's actually getting served tomorrow, check out Here Are the Details on Harry and Meghan's Wedding Cake.

Decorating Their Homes

house decorated for royal wedding

There's no such thing as too many Union Jacks.

Wearing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Masks

party for royal wedding

The paper cut-outs are a bit creepy, especially in a large group.

Posting with Life-Size Cut-Outs

man posing with lifesize cutouts of prince harry and meghan markle.

They're so lifelike.

Deliberating on the Dress

meghan markle's wedding dress

Who will she be wearing? What will it look like? For the inside scoop, check out our exclusive report on who's actually designing the thing.

Buying Souvenirs

prince harry and meghan markle swimsuits

The matching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle swimsuits have got to be one of the most bizarre items on the list. For more weird royal wedding merchandise, check out the 15 Craziest Wedding Souvenirs for Harry and Meghan Obsessives.

Collecting Stuffed Corgis

stuffed corgis dressed for royal wedding

What better way to feel like the Queen herself? To find out more about the Queen's life-long devotion to her favorite breed, read 15 Fascinating Facts About the Royal Corgis.

Honoring Diana

Princess Diana's wedding dress was the longest of all royal brides

It's tragic that the late Princess Diana won't be there on the happiest day of her son's life. To find out how the plan to include her in the nuptials, read Here's How Princess Diana's Family Will Be Part of the Royal Wedding.

Painting their Nails

nails for royal wedding

The Union Jack looks good on all fingers.

Getting Engaged

couple gets engaged in megan and harry paper masks.

You know how some people propose at weddings? This counts!

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