Here's How Jean-Claude Van Damme Stays Ripped at 57

The "Muscles from Brussels" has more than a few longevity secrets.

Jean-Claude Van Damme may be 57 years-old, but he's definitely still got it. The "Muscles from Brussels" martial-arts star—who made his name in the 80s by kicking butt in action movies like Bloodsport and Kickboxer—is officially back on the scene with Amazon's new TV series, Jean-Claude Van Johnson.

In the show, which premiered on December 15, Damme plays a ridiculous, fictionalized version of himself as an international martial-arts and film star who also happens to be the world's most dangerous undercover spy. Retired and bored, he decides to get back in shape so he can get back to doing what he loves most: acting in movies as a cover for secret hitman operations.

As you can tell from the official trailer, the series is tongue-in-cheek in tone, but calls on Van Damme to do some serious karate moves. Talking to Men's Health about how he stays in such great shape, the 57-year-old admitted that genetics does play a big role:

"I have good genes from my parents, and that DNA is very important. My mother and father's skin is impeccable."

But he also admits that he's reaping the benefits of the hard work that he put in when he was young, claiming that starting flexibility training decades ago helped make his muscles very elastic. Indeed, there are a lot of studies that indicate that people who start exercising in adolescence are more physically fit and mentally sharp once they hit their twilight years than those who don't.

But that doesn't mean all of those high kicks don't take some daily hard work.

"I trained this morning," he said. "I did my bicycle and 40 minutes of weights, kickboxing and stretching."

He also does cardio three times a week, and works out three muscle group every other day. If he does chest, biceps, and forearms on one day, then he'll do triceps and back and calves on another, and legs and and abs on the third, resting one day each in between.

When it comes to dieting, he lets himself indulge in his two favorite treats: oatmeal cookies and coffee. Because, hey, you gotta live a little!

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