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Here's Why Everyone's Obsessed with Henry Cavill's "Arm Reload"

His Mission Impossible move has gone from viral GIF to Good Morning America.

Henry Cavill got into a lot of trouble lately for some controversial comments he made on dating in today's tense social climate. But it seems like he's getting back into the Internet's good graces, because this short clip of him reloading his biceps in Mission Impossible: Fallout is all anyone can talk about.

His pecs jut out so much that he seems to grow a breast pocket in between frames, and he manages to even look like he's grown more facial hair.

The movie was released last Friday and follows IMF agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and CIA agent August Walker (Henry Cavill) as they race around the world trying to prevent terrorists from wiping out humanity. The action film has garnered great reviews for its acting, pacing, and general entertainment value, but, seriously, have you seen Henry Cavill's pecs?

Entertainment anchor Jake Hamilton recently got a chance to ask Cavill about the now-legendary moment, to which he cheekily responded, "It's because I punch so hard when reloading my fists that I actually grew a beard in that moment. I made facial hair history."

It's not the only time he's made facial hair history, as a hilarious video of Cavill bidding farewell to his infamous mustache, which has been dubbed "Kingstache," also made the rounds a few months ago. But beard aside, everyone is now trying to mimic the super-human way he cocks his arms in the film, and even the rest of the cast and crew can't get enough of it.

On a recent segment on Good Morning America, Cavill taught a live studio audience how to do the move, which consists of putting up your knuckled fists, and extending one arm down and back, followed by the other arm down and back, and a step forward.

It takes a fair bit of practice in front of the mirror to do the move with the same focus and speed as Cavill, but what else is your morning shower session for? Also: It probably wouldn't hurt to have pecs of steel. And for more on that, check out 10 Ways to Gain Muscle Fast.

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