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This One Thing Could Cause "Major Conflict" for Harry & Meghan, Say Sources

"It's the true barometer of how far they can really go," one royal insider said.

There is little doubt that going from supporting players in the Royal Family to glittering A-listers in Hollywood has been a major change for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, but have the Sussexes settled on who is the star of their own show? In Jan. 2020, after the couple made the announcement that they were stepping down as senior royals, inside sources told Best Life that Harry and Meghan "may have different expectations" of post-royal life. Royal experts had a wide range of predictions at the time. Biographer Sally Bedell Smith told Vanity Fair that Meghan "really regrets having had to give [her show business career] up" to become a working royal, which "didn't compare" to her life as a television actress. Stephen Bates, author of Royalty Inc: Britain's Best-Known Brand, had dire predictions about Harry's life in Hollywood. He told The Guardian: "I can see a lot of parties with Harry standing in the corner and people saying: 'There's the bloke who used to be in the royal family … All this stuff about huge marketing opportunities, and people talking up 'their brand' and how much it will earn them … Obviously their celebrity will carry them so far—but in a year or two's time, what are they going to do?'"

In the 18 months since Harry and Meghan left Britain, they have seemed perfectly in sync with each other and their goals, but recent events have some insiders speculating there may be some trouble ahead for the couple. Read on to find out the one thing that could take a toll on their relationship.

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