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This Iconic Store Is Closing All Its U.S. Locations

The brand has been in business for 95 years, opening its first stateside outlet nearly 50 years ago.

After 95 years in business and 49 successful years operating brick and mortar stores in the United States, legendary chocolatier Godiva is closing all of its U.S. stores. The beloved brand will be shuttering all 128 of its stateside shops, the company announced in a statement. Read on to discover when your local store is likely to be closing up shop. And for more stores that aren't long for this world, This Iconic Clothing Store Is Closing at Least 200 Locations.

In a statement, Godiva CEO Nurtac Afridi announced that the brand would be shuttering its stateside stores by the end of March 2021. "Of course, this decision was difficult because of the care we have for our dedicated and hardworking chocolatiers who will be impacted. We are grateful for all they have done to make wonderful moments for our consumers and spread happiness through incredible customer service and living our values and behaviors," said Afridi.

The store closure news is quite an about-face for the popular confectioner, which in 2019 had announced plans to open 2,000 Godiva cafés around the globe. However, while the brand may be closing its stores in the U.S., customers will still be able to buy Godiva products online and through a number of pharmacies, grocery stores, and specialty stores across the country.

"We are making it even easier for our consumers to enjoy Godiva, whether that's by treating themselves or gifting, so that everyone can have access to our premium chocolate," Afridi said, noting that the brand will "continue to increase [its] presence" in other shops throughout the country.

Godiva isn't the only brand that's made some major changes since the pandemic hit; read on to discover which other stores are closing their doors. And for more stores shutting down in the wake of COVID, This Popular Clothing Chain Just Filed For Bankruptcy.

American Eagle

American Eagle Storefront

American Eagle, beloved for its affordable, casual clothing, announced on Jan. 21 that it would be closing between 200 and 250 locations. The closures represent approximately a quarter of the store's total portfolio, and will be shuttering by 2024. Despite the closures, the brand's Aerie stores, which sell primarily loungewear, fitness apparel, and intimates, will grow in number from 50 to approximately 600 over the next three years. And for more surprising changes to your favorite shops, Costco Is Removing This From All of Its Stores in February.

Loves Furniture

woman checks price of couch while furniture shopping

In early 2021, Loves Furniture filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and announced that it would be closing all but one of its retail locations. Loves' CEO, Mack Peters, wasn't shy about explaining just how drastically COVID had affected the brand's ability to deliver to its customers. "Customers' uncertainty as to whether Loves would remain in existence led to numerous cancellations to the point where daily cancellations often exceeded daily sales," Peters stated in court documents. And for a related closure, This Beloved Home Goods Chain Is Closing More Than 40 Stores.


clothes folded, hung, and on mannequins in a store

Stock+Field, a department store that has operated for 55 years in the U.S., announced on Jan. 10 that all of its brick and mortar locations would be shuttering in the near future. While the company didn't announce specific dates for the upcoming closures, Stock+Field CEO and chairman Matthew F. Whebbe told shoppers that they could soon enjoy major savings on the company's remaining stock. "We hope to reopen stores at some point in the future, but for now, please come in, say hello to your favorite employee, and enjoy the ridiculously low prices," Whebbe said in a statement. And for the latest store closure news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Christopher & Banks

young white woman wearing mask looking into shop window

On Jan. 14, clothing store Christopher & Banks, which operates 449 retail locations across 44 states, announced its filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In a statement, the brand's representatives announced that the company "expects to close a significant portion, if not all, of its brick-and-mortar stores" while pursuing the sale of its e-commerce arm. "Due to the financial distress resulting from the pandemic and its ongoing impact, we elected to initiate this process and pursue a potential sale of the business in whole or in part to position the Company for the future," said Keri Jones, the company's president and CEO. And for another brand that's shrinking, check out This Legendary Chain Is Closing Over 1,000 Stores by March.

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