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This Beloved Child Star Just Became a Dad For the First Time

"I love him so much. I love my wife so much."

Malcolm in the Middle just became Frankie, Father of One. As he shared on Instagram, former child star Frankie Muniz is now a dad. The actor and his wife, Paige Muniz, just welcomed a son. The couple have not yet shared the baby's name or any photos of him, but they're clearly thrilled to be new parents.

Frankie and Paige have shared details of their journey to become parents on social media, posting updates on Instagram and videos on YouTube.

Frankie is best known for the roles he played as a child and teen, including starring on the series Malcolm in the Middle for seven seasons and for the movies Agent Cody Banks and My Dog Skip. Now, he's a 35-year-old new dad with a newly larger family. Keep reading to find out more about Frankie and Paige's family life and for what else the actor has been up to recently. And for more former kid actors, check out How Mary-Kate & Ashley Stopped Elizabeth Olsen From Being a Child Star.

Frankie posted a sweet baby announcement on Instagram.

Frankie Muniz holding his baby
Frankie Muniz/Instagram

On Mar. 24, Frankie posted a video on his Instagram Story that shows him holding his new baby."I'm a dad, guys," he says in the video while tearing up. "I love him so much. I love my wife so much." The actor captioned the video, "I love my baby so much. And I love my wife more than ever."

Paige re-posted the clip on her own Instagram account, adding, "I freaking love you."

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They've been open with their followers about the pregnancy.

Frankie and Paige Muniz in a selfie on Instagram
Frankie Muniz/Instagram

Frankie and Paige announced that they were expecting a baby in September. In a video posted on YouTube and Instagram, Frankie says, "For the past four and a half years, Paige and I have experienced so many wonderful things together." He notes that while they got to travel the world together, "Nothing quite compares to the first time hearing your little one's heartbeat."

Paige adds, "We knew that we wanted this, but were told that our chances weren't that great … I'm excited to say that we've beaten the odds and we're officially 15 weeks along and counting."

About a month later, Paige and Frankie announced that they were having a baby boy. They've also posted about expectant parent things like putting together baby furniture and their anticipation of their baby's arrival.

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Frankie and Paige got married in 2019.

Frankie and Paige Muniz at the San Diego Zoo in a photo from Instagram
Frankie Muniz/Instagram

Paige and Frankie eloped in October 2019 before having a wedding in February 2020. "It was just five of us there," Frankie told People about marrying Paige in Phoenix, Arizona, where they live. "We hiked up Camelback Mountain at sunset and just got married! But we still wanted to have a wedding."

Their wedding was also held in Phoenix. "I never thought the wedding would have such a big impact on me," Frankie said. "It was the most magical thing we've ever done together."

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Frankie also explored a surprising new career.

Frankie Muniz posing near bottles of olive oil in the shop he owned
Frankie Muniz/Instagram

While Frankie will always be known as an actor, as an adult he tried out something new. He and Paige owned an olive oil shop called Outrageous Olive Oils and Vinegars that they purchased from the previous owners in 2018. Paige and Frankie then sold the shop in August 2020. "Thank you everyone for your support for whatever I'm doing!" he wrote on Instagram. "I know I've jumped around to a bunch of different careers/passions of mine! It really means a lot to me. I've sold my olive oil company and moved on to a new adventure!"

Frankie has continued to act, popping up on TV series and movies here and there. In 2019, he was a host on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. He also posted on Instagram that he's interested in trying to direct.

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