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Never Wear This One Piece of Clothing on a First Date, Experts Say

Personal stylists recommend removing this item from your date outfit rotation.

It's no secret: First dates can be stressful. Before you head out the door, you'll likely be replaying your and your date's text conversations, brainstorming a few ice-breaker questions, and memorizing an exit line should things go south. But one of the trickiest things to do is assemble your first date outfit. Obviously, you'll want to get an appropriate level of "dressed up" for the destination and put your best foot forward. But did you know there are clothing items you should avoid at all costs on a first date? Read on to discover the one piece of clothing that personal stylists recommend you skip to help you—and your date—feel more comfortable.

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Avoid wearing a white shirt on a first date.

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A crisp white shirt can make many of us feel our best. However, these pieces come with an important caveat: They get messy easily and can create an unnecessary stressor on a first date. "I would tell my clients to avoid anything that is 'fussy' or difficult to keep clean," says Andie Sobrato, a personal stylist and image consultant.

She notes that a white shirt could set you up for an embarrassing stain moment. "You don't want your date distracted by the taco sauce that just dripped all over your bright white shirt," she says. While a great date will laugh with you (and not at you), it could make you feel uneasy for the rest of the night.

Make sure you're comfortable.

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You should also apply Sobrato's non-fussy tip to the rest of your outfit. "Loose-fitting shirt straps, pants that are too tight, or a skirt that is prone to blow in the wind might also be items to stay away from," she says. "A wardrobe malfunction is a recipe for a date ruiner."

Additionally, you may want to reconsider those super high heels—no matter how trendy they are. "You want to be able to focus on your confidence and your date, not how bad your feet hurt," says Barbara Taylor, fashion stylist with House of Colour. Not to mention the fact that if the date goes well, you may want to take a stroll after—and you won't want to call it off due to a blister.

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Ensure your outfit isn't distracting.

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A great first date outfit should be less about fashion and more about you. Because of that, you may want to skip extremely bright colors, patterns, puff sleeves, and over-the-top ruffles, says Masha Meliuk, style and lifestyle influencer and founder of I'll Have Whatever She Is Having. "An easy way to check is to look at yourself in the mirror," she says. "If the first thing that grabs your attention is your outfit, then you need to simplify it."

Wear a conversation piece.

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Now that you know what not to wear, there's a certain item you should always sport on a first date. "Wear something that telegraphs a bit about your personality and perhaps even acts as a conversation starter," says Stephanie Gisondi-Little, a personal stylist in Los Angeles. "This could be an interesting piece of jewelry or other accessory or colorful socks with an otherwise sober look."

As soon as you arrive, you'll feel confident knowing you've worn an item that makes you feel like yourself and don't distract. In other words, you're one step closer to this being your last first date.

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