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20 Cute Fall Date Ideas Every Couple Needs To Plan

Just because the weather cools doesn't mean your relationship has to.

Fall is the coziest, most romantic season of the year, and you won't find a better way to embrace the love in the air than with your S.O. There's just something about the amber glow that basically turns every night into a potential date night. And if that thought vexes you with its staggering amount of possibilities, worry not: We've got you covered with all the best fun fall date ideas. From the pumpkin patches to the haunted hayrides, here's everything every couple should do this fall. Oh, and once you're done, be sure to cuddle up under a blanket with some warm apple cider and enjoy the foliage—which won't last forever, so plan these cute fall dates before winter rears its frigid head!

Fun fall date ideas to plan ASAP

1. Go apple picking.

Apple pies! Apple tarts! Apple crisps! Just plain, crispy apples! Yes, nothing says "fall" as much as heading to your local orchard and filling up a bag with tons of sweet, juicy apples. Way better to do it with a significant other.

2. Go to a local fair.

Fall is also the time for lots of local fairs and festivals—y'know, the kind that are filled with delicious treats, like apple cider doughnuts, candied apples, and, of course, fresh apple cider. If your town has one, don't miss it.

3. Navigate a corn maze.

Getting "lost" in a corn maze by yourself is scary. Getting "lost" in one with your partner is thrilling—in a hilarious, romantic way. Every fall, countless corn mazes crop up from sea to shining sea. Find the closest one to you (the folks at MazePlay have a comprehensive tracker) and do your best!

4. Check out the local farm's market.

Before it gets too cold, browse the local farmer's market for the freshest fall fruit and other seasonal goods like squash or local spices.

5. Visit a pumpkin patch.

Sure, you can always buy a pumpkin from the grocery store, but there's something especially fun about picking one out from the patch. Haul a big one home and carve it into a jack-o-lantern and see who's comes out best. (Bonus activity: roast up some of the seeds as an easy, tasty, nutritious snack!)

6. Go camping.

Take advantage of the cool autumn nights by setting up a tent and going camping—even if it's just in your backyard!

7. Go to a cider tasting.

Like a brewery but with a seasonal fruity twist, try finding a nearby hard cider tasting and let the pros educate you on how the delicious brews are made. Or, host your own cider tasting by testing out different brands and seeing which ones you like best. Either way, cider is a staple of season, so get sipping.

8. Cuddle up by a bonfire.

Snuggle up under the stars with this fun free date idea. All you need is a fire pit and some cozy blankets. Don't forget the roasted marshmallows!

9. Take a cooking class.

Lots of couples cooking classes offer seasonal menus, so check out the options on a service like Course Horse and learn to make something that uses all of those delicious fall flavors.

10. Make your own caramel apples.

Whether you make these with apples you picked yourself or a bag bought from the the grocery store, they'll be just as good—we promise. Simply some melt caramel and dip your apples in until they're fully coated. Then, let them cool and voila, you've officially got yourself a homemade fall treat.

11. Go for a hike.

Take in the gorgeous gold and red leaves by taking a brisk fall hike and enjoying the views.

12. Go for a drive.

Not the athletic type? Fall is also the ideal time for a good road trip. Even if it's just taking the scenic route around town, you can enjoy the color-changing trees with your loved one as you enjoy some uninterrupted time together.

13. Go to a haunted house.

Even if you hate haunted houses, there's something romantic about tackling one with your partner. Hold on to each other so you don't get too scared.

14. Take a hayride.

Lots of local farms offer hayrides around the property in the fall, so curl up next to your loved one and admire the leaves as they change. For maximum spooky Halloween vibes, book a "haunted" one.

15. Go for a bike ride.

Now is the time to finally explore that local bike path. Navigate together as you enjoy some of that fall weather splendor.

16. Browse a flea market.

Outdoor flea markets stay open in the early fall, and are the perfect activity for a couple looking to get outside. Thrift for cool antiques or go to score some fun fall foods.

17. Bake a fall pie.

From strawberry-rhubarb to pumpkin to (yes, we sound like a broken record, but it bears repeating) to apple, fall is the official pie season. Tag-team with your partner and learn how to bake one worthy of bringing to the Thanksgiving table.

18. Try out indoor rock climbing.

Yes, fall is the ideal time to get all cozy and comfy. But that doesn't mean it's not the time to try out something new. Indoor rock climbing—whether you're bouldering or belaying—is the ideal activity for when the weather is iffy. You get all the rugged bona fides of outdoor-only sports with none of the chilly air. (Fair warning: It's a major forearm workout!)

19. Watch a scary movie.

Thanks to Halloween, fall is designated spooky season. Whether you're watching the kind of scary movie that makes you not want to close your eyes at night (1973's The Wicker Man) or the kind of campy one that's more funny than frightening (2006's The Wicker Man), when the nights get longer, it's time to cue up the horror.

20. Go to a football game.

Sports-loving couples especially love fall for the height of football season, so organize a tailgate or simply check out what teams are playing near you. Local high school football games can be just as fun as the big leagues.

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