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Dreyer's Ice Cream Is Recalling Fruit Bars Sold at Walmart and Kroger

Your favorite sweet treat could put your health at risk this summer.

In this kind of summer heat, it's hard to resist the temptation of a sweet treat to help cool you down. But your go-to refreshment could put your health at risk—aside from the added calories. In June, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned consumers about a recall impacting certain Tillamook Ice Cream pints. And just this month, Coca-Cola had to pull some of its sodas due to a dangerous mislabeling mistake. Now, the FDA is alerting us to a new problem affecting another popular summer snack. Read on to find out why Dreyer's Ice Cream is recalling some of its fruit bars.

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The FDA is alerting consumers to a fruit bar recall.

Los Angeles, California, United States - 04-06-2021: A view of several cases of Outshine fruit bars, on display at a local big box grocery store.

The FDA released a new alert on July 18, warning consumers about a new dessert recall. According to the release, Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, Inc. just announced that it is voluntarily recalling some of its Outshine No Sugar Added Strawberry Fruit Bars.

"The safety, quality, and integrity of our products remain our number one priority," the company said in its announcement. "We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this action represents to both our consumers and retail customers."

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The fruit bars were sold at popular retailers.

Horizontal, medium closeup of "Walmart" superstore's exterior facade brand and logo signage in white letters against a reflective, blue background and yellow logo

Dreyer's is only recalling a "limited number" of its Outshine No Sugar Added Strawberry Fruit Bars. The recall affects six-count packages of the product that have batch numbers LLA317822 and LLA317922, as well as a best-by date of Sept. 30, 2024.

"Batch codes can be identified on the product packaging," the company said. "No other Outshine products or batches are affected by this recall."

According to the announcement, the recalled fruit bars were shipped to three popular retailers: Walmart, Kroger, and Shoprite.

Shoppers may have bought them at Walmart stores in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, and Louisiana; at Kroger stores in Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky; or at Shoprite stores in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey.

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They were recalled over allergy concerns.

Unhappy young woman having bad stomach ache with glass of milk on table. Lactose intolerance, food allergy concept. Close up, copy space

As part of the recall announcement, Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, Inc. issued an allergy alert on the affected Outshine No Sugar Added Strawberry Fruit Bars due to potential contamination from an undeclared allergen.

"We are recalling this product because it may contain trace amounts of milk," the company explained.

Milk is one of the most common undeclared allergens and accounts for 90 percent of food-based allergic reactions, alongside wheat, shellfish, eggs, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, and soybeans, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Dreyer's said that it is working with the FDA, and that its investigation into the issue is still ongoing. But the company "believe[s] a faulty valve allowed trace levels of milk to be introduced into the product," per the announcement.

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Certain people are being asked not to eat the recalled fruit bars.

Close-up of young woman mouth red berry popsicle ice cream

As of July 18, no illnesses or injuries have been reported because of this recall. But some individuals should still avoid eating these Outshine No Sugar Added Strawberry Fruit Bars.

"Consumers with a milk allergy or sensitivity who have purchased the affected product are urged not to consume the product and instead dispose of it or return it to their place of purchase for a full refund," Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, Inc. advised.

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