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13 Shows You Can Watch on Disney+ From Start to Finish This Weekend

These Disney+ series are the perfect shows to stream with family or on your own.

When Disney+ arrived on the scene, it felt like the last thing we needed was another streaming service, and with an expansive selection of Disney movies and shows to choose from, this one looked like it was more for kids than their parents. As it turns out, however, Disney+ offers enough original and curated content to please just about anyone. If you're in the mood to marathon some quality TV this weekend, we've put together a list of the best Disney+ shows you can watch from start to finish. From sci-fi sagas to animated adventures to delightful docuseries, these shows are the perfect thing to stream with your family or on your own. And for more series you might enjoy, check out these 14 TV Shows You Can Watch on HBO Max From Start to Finish This Weekend.

The Mandalorian

still from the mandalorian

The first Disney+ original show to earn massive buzz, The Mandalorian made its mark thanks to a criminally adorable puppet affectionately dubbed "Baby Yoda." We won't spoil his real name for you, but we will encourage you to watch the thrilling and surprisingly emotional two seasons of this Star Wars spinoff series. And if you can't get enough of a galaxy far, far away, we're Ranking Every Star Wars Movie, From Worst Reviewed to Best.


still from wandavision

OK, so you technically won't be able to watch all of WandaVision, since the critically-acclaimed series still has a few more episodes to air. However, Marvel fans and newcomers to the franchise agree that this clever send-up of classic sitcoms is a mindblowing delight week-to-week.

Earth to Ned

still from earth to ned

Late-night talk shows are rarely the consistent joy that Earth to Ned is. That's largely a credit to the Jim Henson Company creations that serve as the aliens on the spaceship where the show is hosted, but also to the genuinely sharp writing and delightful celebrity guests.

Agent Carter

still from agent carter
Disney-ABC Television Group

While not a Disney+ original series, Agent Carter has found a new audience on the streaming service. For those who like Marvel but really want female-led 1940s spy drama, you'll dig this show that deserved more than the two seasons it got. And for more Marvel content, check out our Ranking of Every Marvel Movie, From Worst Reviewed to Best.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

high school musical the musical the series

No, it's not just for tweens. Yes, that age group might be the target audience for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, but the title alone should let you know this show has tongue firmly planted in cheek. Catch up on the first season before the second season debuts, and see Olivia Rodrigo pre-"Drivers License" fame.

Prop Culture

still from prop culture

Movie nerds, rejoice! Prop Culture is a deep dive into the little details that made some of your favorite films so memorable. Each episode offers a look at another Disney classic, from Mary Poppins to Tron to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. And for more series you might enjoy, check out these 14 TV Shows You Can Watch on Hulu From Start to Finish This Weekend.

Marvel's 616

still from marvel's 616

If you can't get enough Marvel, Marvel's 616 is a docuseries that touches on the creators who make the comics, shows, and films—and the fans who consume them. It's a love letter to Marvel that explores the company's roots, along with the way it's growing and becoming more inclusive for a new generation.

Gravity Falls

still from gravity falls
Disney Television Animation

Gravity Falls developed a cult following when it first aired on the Disney Channel. Now, years later, viewers of all ages can fall in love with the surprisingly dense storytelling and thoughtful humor of this animated mystery series.

The Right Stuff

still from the right stuff

The 1983 movie is a classic, but that doesn't mean you can't also enjoy a marathon viewing of this 2020 series, also adapted from the Tom Wolfe book on the origins of the United States space program. While all of the shows on this list are appropriate for viewers of any age, this one might be more appealing to a slightly more mature audience. And for more fun content delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Pick of the Litter

still from pick of the litter

If you've ever wondered how guide dogs learn their trade, you'll get a kick out of Pick of the Litter, based on the 2018 documentary of the same name. And even if that particular question has never crossed your mind, you can't really go wrong with six episodes of puppy action.


still from encore

Whether you starred in your high school's musicals or were just a loyal fan, Encore! will offer a nostalgia overload. Each episode has a different high school's alumni coming together to put on a show again, years (or sometimes even decades) after the fact. Don't be surprised if you find yourself singing along—or shedding a few tears. And for more great shows you might have missed, revisit The Best TV Shows of 2020, According to Critics.

Disney Insider

still from disney insider

If you have a Disney+ subscription, there's a fairly good chance you're a Disney fan. In that case, you won't want to miss this docuseries, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at Disney attractions across the globe, not to mention the movies and shows that inspire them.

Diary of a Future President

diary of a future president

You already know where 12-year-old Elena is going to end up based on the title of this series, but that doesn't make watching her coming-of-age journey any less rewarding. In fact, the voiceovers by an adult Elena (played by executive producer Gina Rodriguez) give this family series a nostalgic Wonder Years appeal. And if you're still looking for more shows to stream, try these 12 Shows You Can Watch on Amazon Prime from Start to Finish This Weekend.

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