Dick Van Dyke Shares Secret to "Living Well" on His 98th Birthday

The actor listed his tips for staying healthy and happy.

Considering that he's just turned 98 years old, Dick Van Dyke is certainly a qualified person to take advice from when it comes to longevity. On Dec. 13, the actor celebrated his birthday, and in a recent Instagram post, he shared his secrets for "living well" alongside a video of himself showing off his dance moves. In fact, the actor's dancing is a clear example of one of his suggestions: "Just keep moving."

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The video of Van Dyke dancing was posted on Dec. 9 to his Instagram account and on an account celebrating his 98th birthday. The caption reads, "Just keeping moving. Dick's secrets to living well: Positivity, don't go down the stairs sideways, and just keep moving!" The TV icon dances while the theme song to The Dick Van Dyke Show plays.

The clip appears to have been filmed backstage at the upcoming special Dick Van Dyke 98 Years of Magic, which will air on CBS on Dec. 21 at 9 p.m. According to Variety, the special will feature the actor's return to the Dick Van Dyke Show set, song and dance tributes, and footage from Van Dyke's decades-long career.

"I started with CBS under contract in 1955 with the CBS morning show, then The Dick Van Dyke Show and Diagnosis Murder," Van Dyke said in a statement about the special. "I've been with the CBS family for almost 70 years, and I couldn't be prouder. I'm incredibly honored that CBS will be throwing a 98th birthday special for me. Can't wait to be part of the show!"

According to an interview with People published on Dec. 13, the filming of the special was a surprise for Van Dyke, who thought he was visiting the studio for an interview. "I never expected that kind of recognition," he said. "My whole life went before me. I didn't realize I had done so many things while I was 75 years in show business."

As he's gotten older, Van Dyke has been happy to share his tips on aging happily. Earlier this year, he revealed other secrets for keeping youthful. "Genes, I guess, for one thing," he told Yahoo! in February. He continued that being married to his wife, Arlene Silver, 52, is another secret. "Having a beautiful young wife half my age to take care of me—that works! My positive attitude, I get that from my wife."

He added, "And one other thing is, I wrote a book called Keep Moving: I still go to the gym three days a week and work out. And I advise everybody to do that, because that's what ages people—it's just a stiffening up and not exercising their muscles and their lungs. Exercise is the answer."

As for how he plans to celebrate his birthday this year, Van Dyke told People he would be with his family, including his grandchildren. "I'm not much on traditions, I don't think," he said. Sadly, the star also reflected on the fact that many people he became close to during his career, including producer Norman Lear, who recently died at the age of 101, were not able to be at the tribute.

"I had a bunch of friends there to say nice things, but Mary Tyler Moore, Morey [Amsterdam] and Rosie [Rose Marie], Carl Reiner, Norman Lear, all the people that I always loved and associated with are gone, so I'm having to make new friends," Van Dyke said. "I'm happy to say people come to me. I don't have to go out looking."

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