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This Viral "Dad Who Didn't Want a Cat" Thread Is Just Too Cute

Everyone loves a dad who said he didn't like cats, only to quickly treat one as a child.

We all know a parent who adamantly said they didn't want a pet, only to then become the ultimate pawrent. They say they don't want the responsibility and that they've already raised a living being, but as soon as that little fur ball rolls into their lives and makes their way into their hearts, instinct kicks in. Before you know it, they're feeding them pasta bolognese and asking you to switch seats at the dinner table because that's the cat's seat, Bill. Case in point: On Dec. 11, a Twitter user named Ruby shared a photo of her dad, who "didn't want a cat," and is now showing Lucas, his feline companion, everything he's picked up from the store.

In fact, Ruby's dad has not one but two cats: Lucas and Dustin, both equally lovable.

And getting his cats' second opinions on his shopping choices isn't the half of it. Ruby's dad—who, as a reminder, did not want a cat—has also made Lucas and Dustin a sandpit and a paddling pool and holds an umbrella over them when it rains. Yep, definitely not a cat person.

Ruby's tweet went viral and inspired others to share their stories of dads who didn't want cats.

In fact, one might argue that not wanting a cat and then loving it with all your heart is peak dad.

It's an entire subset of the internet.

There are forums dedicated solely to these fathers who went soft as soon as an animal stepped into their lives.

Step-Dad with the cat and dog we absolutely were never getting. from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

It's a global phenomenon that spans generations and it's beautiful.

89 year old "I'm allergic to cats" and "what good are they" pictured here after saying, "look at THIS buddy!" from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

You just can't stop the love between a parent and their fur-baby.

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